China falls in love with Sherlock Holmes


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Well, drop that one in the "Who would'a thunk" file.

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It's not mentioned in the article but this was apparently a anti-piracy strategy used by the BBC. Pretty clever and effective as it turns out.

If you give people access to something they want to see, they will happily pay for it rather than pirate it.

I wonder when it will be available to watch in Japan.

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The argument the BBC makes is that they need every person in the UK who has a TV to pay so that they can make quality TV shows.

So, when you make something like Sherlock that is doing well for the BBC's commercial, arm, BBC Worldwide, do the BBC license payers receive a share of the profits? (rhetorical question)

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Good show. not sure the Chinese fans are that normal though.

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Chinese fans seem to be about as normal as Japanese fans. Take that however you like. Good strategy by the BBC. Sherlock was previously on NHK BS in Japan so the BBC must have a tv deal there, I don't think Internet tv is that popular here yet.

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Where east meets west.

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When will we see it here?

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Chinese fans seem to be about as normal as Japanese fans.

I believe he meant "common" rather than normal (as in " Chinese Sherlock Holmes fans might not be as common/numerous as this news make it sound")

5 million views, while impressive, is to put in perspective against the nearly 600 million internet users in China.

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I assume not many Chinese have visited the chav-infested backwaters of some of London's less salubrious neighbourhoods.

'Thames town' gave me a giggle. Have they got any robotic Dick Van Dyke's bellowing "Gawd blimey guvnor!"?

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Classic literature and a show that returned more to the classic story but in modern times. The police can't stand him but need him, a classic anti-hero. He does what he think is right or wrong. The show does focus more on the interplay of the Sherlock and Watson. It interesting that two of the shows mentioned Sherlock and Big Bang Theory have characters with big flaws.

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