China fans desert K-pop star for 'liking' Hong Kong tweet

By Ye Aung THU

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People really are apologizing for liking something on social media.


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Choi apologized on China's Twitter-like Weibo platform Sunday night

The apology is his first mistake. Entertainers in the past used to understand enough to stay away from politics. Some took a principled stand (Paul Robison, for example) and understood they were undercutting their careers to do so.

If this singer had any principles or common sense, he would know either to stay out of the issue or, once in, to stand by his position. Eventually there will be backlash against entertainers kowtowing to China. He could stand by his Tweet, lose China, but gain some fans elsewhere. And still have some dignity left.

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Speaks volume about what kind of people the CCP is cultivating. Outrage at supporting people they call their own, but silence at atrocities in Xinjiang and other atrocities like organ harvesting.

Humanity according to Xi.

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Other people say things we don't like all the time. We are disappointed and convey that to the other person, but in a few days, everything is back to normal. That's how adults get along. We don't have a tantrum, take all our toys and leave.

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The most annoying thing is the double standards present. Especially American artists, who are always talking about not bending down to pressure and standing up for what you believe in, oh, unless it's related to China and their blatant human rights violations and concentration camps! Bloody sellouts!

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"No one and nothing can shake our own position about patriotism," the group posted.

Ah yes, blind patriotism, opiate of the masses.

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Another fine advertisement for communism

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