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China mourns death of Japanese actor Takakura


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RIP... It's so sad when someone dies..:(

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I had ever checked his movie but it has real touched me RIP takakura

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I only know him from Black Rain but he exemplifies the honor and class of Japan. RIP Takakura-san. I hope to visit your great country again before I depart this world. I salute you.

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This isn't a statement about Japanese or Chinese in general just as it has zero to do with politics or current tensions between the two nations. It's about individuals celebrating another individual, and this proves that petty politics and what makes the headlines are not necessarily what dictates the lives and likes of your average Joe anywhere. That people not only here but abroad recognize the man as a good actor is a tribute to the fact that he truly was a good actor

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So sad makes me want to cry.

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"I don’t want to believe it, but my old friend has gone,” Zhang wrote. “I can only express my deepest condolences and wish him happiness in heaven."

What a beautiful and appropriate thing to say. Sadly departed but never forgotten. RIP, dear Ken.

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Truly devastated. Loved his role as Major Yamaguchi in "Too late the Hero" as well as his other movies too. His English skills were fantastic.

A man known as "The man that never smiles" for his tough guy characters in movies but really he was kind, warm and humorous !

Rest in peace, Ken-san

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I still wonder if he died from his cigarette smoking, if indeed he did smoke. Anyone know? Aside from that, he will be missed. A fine actor.

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OK, he was not perfect, just as all humans. But his pluses as a man greatly outweigh this tobacco commercials stuff. Let remember his positive side.

RIP, Takakura-san. I wish more Japanese men were like you.

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Not so fast, Peace_Man. Among other things, Peace is a brand of Japanese cigarettes. So anyone who does a peace symbol could be promoting those sinful ciggies, eh?

He was a prolific actor in 200+ plus movies. The count of his commercials could be just as high and diverse. Few people are going to bring up the CMs for liquor, coffee, or other crap that American actors make in Japan, so why is it so important?

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Takakura Ken lost my respect when he started doing cigarette commercials back in the 90s "When I was young, I didn't want to become an adult, I wanted to become a MAN....SPEAK LARK" Cashing in on his popularity to sell tobacco to youth...

You don't see anyone mentioning this... just all feelgood stuff

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First time to hear his name.

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He was the COOLEST, youngsters probably don't even know who he WAS.

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Thank you to China and the Chinese people for recognizing a true inspirational human being. It's funny how we are all really close and similar in many ways and only realize this when we share the same sorrows and joys through mutual love of culture and arts. Thank you for your kind condolences.

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It's nice to see the sentiment displayed. Just goes to show that it's the politicians that stir the pot, and the "average" folks can find common ground and be civil in the process too.

Ken was a talent that will be missed. RIP.

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