Chinese film yanked from Berlin festival competition


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labour camp during the Cultural Revolution and is on a trek to see a key newsreel in a rural village cinema.

Labour camp? Think it should read voluntary educational walled happy, happy place. The technical problem might be the technical terms used. Cultural revolution, destruction of the past and resetting it to year zero. Rural village, unwalled educational facility with mud. The technical difficulties might be it doesn't conform to the Regiemes narrative.

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Having not even heard of any of the films mentioned

guess the present situation in the western CN camps have too much relevance.

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I guess they didn't get copies of these films OUT of China in time before...………..eh.... the "technical" problems arose...….

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The entertainment sector had blossomed in recent years, with official encouragement by a government keen to replace foreign content with homegrown fare and develop the industry as a global "soft power" asset.

But a nationwide push for more material approved by the Communist party across media, music and entertainment has had a chilling effect on some artists.

Seems their method is instead getting the opposite effect of what they're trying to achieve

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