Chris Pratt battles future aliens in small-screen 'Tomorrow War'


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The movie plot seems interesting (in a silly sci-fi action movie way) but at least for me it would not merit a trip to the movie theater, having it directly into streaming works wonderfully for me. Tenet was enjoyable on Netflix, even if it was better on actual cinema screens.

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Looking forward to this!

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I will watch that! Guardians of the Galaxy has good music as well.

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Looking very much forward to this. It'll be simple, methinks, but fun.

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Watched the trailer yesterday -- looks good, perfect for Sci-Fi Saturday at the Home Cinema.

Now, if I could just afford to upgrade to a 75" Sony 4K monitor... ;-)

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Will wait for first comments but feeling like watching it on my oculus oculus quest 2, can't beat thay size view ;)

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It rocks!...

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I’m having a package from Amazon US sent to me by a Forwarding shipping service. They take pics of boxes when they arrive. I thought Amazon had sent the wrong box cuz mine was covered with this tomorrow war wrapping or print. Now I know why.

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