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Christian Bale pulls out of Steve Jobs biopic


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Director Danny Boyle should just get Ashton Kutcher to play Jobs again, he did a good job the first time, and he's a dead ringer for the young Jobs.

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Why do we need another Jobs movie anyway? I haven't seen the first one because it has like 25% on Rotten Tomatoes, does it really justify a sequel/remake, or whatever they're doing with it? What's next, TV spin-off?

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Perhaps they had Bale in mind for the weight loss act he pulled for The Machinist.

If so, the idea is likely to have been more appealing to Boyle and Sorkin than to Bale.

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Too bad. Bale's unique douchey-ness would have been perfect to play Jobs who was by most accounts a real a-hole.

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I liked Noah Wyle, from Pirates of Silicon Valley, Jobs

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why make a movie about some it seo.. they dont have enough superheroes? they can remake another jp movie... commercial movie business getting more and more ridiculous

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Bale Bails Jobs Job

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