Christian Bale to play Apple's Steve Jobs


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Should have chosen Jim Parsons off the Big Bang Theory

Ha ha that made me giggle! People take these IT folks far too serious, they are just clever entrepreneurs, next up is a movie about the guy who created Line or Skype or wait Facebook..oh wait.....

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Should have chosen Jim Parsons off the Big Bang Theory. although agree that this type of movie is not a big hit with me. who wants to watch some bloke being a business ass and making money...... the woz idea would be equally (even more?/) lame

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No one looks like Jobs. And most importantly, no one could think like Jobs.

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Oh yeah. Can't tell you how I was pining for yet another Steve Jobs film.

How about a Steve Wozniak film? Jobs was just a salesman, a slave driver, and a visionary of sorts. He would have been nothing without Wozniak, who created the Apple I and Apple II single-handedly. His engineering feats required the real vision.

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Thanks for the link, hee hee!

Ashton Kutcher, though, is a dead ringer for the young Steve Jobs.

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I love Christian Bale

But I liked how Ashton Kutcher played Jobs in the film, that one was a so so film, but Kutcher's portrayal was good.

I'm still reading the biography by Isaacson, so I have to hurry up to finish it :)

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...and he wasn't even the first one to play either. There's someone in Hollywood going:

"Hey, we need to make this sequel / reboot / prequel movie, but make it cool. What do we do?"

"Just get Christian Bale. Never fails."

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No way! John Connor, Batman AND Steve Jobs? Christian Bale is just covered in awesomeness.

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