Cigarette-burned Kurt Cobain 'Unplugged' cardigan heading to auction


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I can't get tired of this record. The pain in his voice, the set list, arrangements, guests and covers made this performance unique and an instant classic.

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one of my favorites. ( 200,000$ - 300,000$ - understandable ). my brother got that Unplugged when it came out back in the 90,s. later he gave it to me ( i still have it ). so for me it,s not just about the quality and historical value but also sentimental value.

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"I've always said that the rock and roll market is the new fine art market," Julien said. "Millennials are starting to collect, and they're not collecting Monets and Picassos."

Says a man with a vested (!) interest in selling a cardigan for $200-300,000 bucks. Well, it might be a market, but it ain't no fine art market.

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It's a shame groupies didn't hang on to their stained sheets and sheaths from back in the day. They could make a fortune auctioning that stuff off now.

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"Unplugged". Where did the distortion on the acoustic guitar come from.

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They could make a fortune auctioning that stuff off now.

What about the Plaster Casters? Cynthia did OK with her plaster 'fine art' - everyone from Hendrix to Kiss to Jello Biafra, and still a thriving business - in reproductions, not new works (as far as I know).

Bit more intimate than a cardigan...

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@BigYen I had no idea they were selling those. Wouldn't they need to pay royalties, I wonder?

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