U.S. cinema chain AMC warns it may not survive the pandemic


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Looks like some actors who were proponents of the Covid lockdown are, ironically, going to be out of work due to this shutdown.

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Not so smart investment by Chinese Wanda Group - in times when everything is possible to stream and enjoy watching from the comfort of your home-sweet-home they threw lots of money in toilet!!! Probably the Chinese Communist party advised them...

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Thanks, China and misguided lockdowns. Thanks a whole lot.

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Thanks, China and misguided lockdowns. Thanks a whole lot.

Misguided lockdowns?

I wish people would make their minds up. One moment they're complaining about people taking to the streets and the next they're in favour of it and then they're not.

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Well that’s business, times change, ask the buggy whip makers!

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The trash hollywood puts out now is a joke anyway

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Who cares.

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But Comcast's NBCUniversal released “Trolls World Tour" on video on demand in April, triggering an angry response from the theater industry, and Disney will release “Artemis Fowl to its streaming service, Disney Plus, in June, rather than in theaters.”

AMC should be thanking them not complaining. "Trolls World Tour"?! Jesus.

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WA4TKGJune 5 12:27 am JSTThe trash hollywood puts out now is a joke anyway

Trash movies with recycled and cliched, tired stories - and the cinemas really sock you on the concessions too. There's better places to take your girlfriend to, for less.

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