Cirque du Soleil accepts purchase offer from creditors

By Gints Ivuskans

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Cirque killed themselves with terrible management and greed. Of course Covid-19 affected ticket sales but they were having major problems with their new shows way before the virus. They are using it as a scapegoat the same way they blamed the 2011 earthquake/tsunami/nuclear reactor for closing two shows in Asia and laying off 25% in 2012 when in actuality it was poor ticket sales in Asia from a bad show (Macau) and even worse management (choosing OLC as their partner for a resident show in Tokyo Disneyland, etc, etc). At one point they were producing 2 - 3 new shows a year which killed their brand and resulted in market saturation and cannibalization. And yet the same CEO who was in charge throughout still has his job. Cirque is from my hometown, Montreal where they were the pride of the city...I still love them and it's downright tragic that they've gotten to this point because awful management.

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I saw them the first time they came to California, and several times after. Hadn't gone recently, and sad to hear they went downhill. They reinvented the circus.

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Cirque killed themselves with terrible management and greed.

I second the idea that Cirque lost the mission that brought people. I also am familiar with the fabulous summer street performances in Montreal and they are certainly the pride of the city. After a long cold winter the city comes alive with street performances an important part of spreading joy, happiness and life through art. Cirque and the Montreal street performances help show us that life is more than a spreadsheet.

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I worked on a production with former members of Cirque de Soleil for the Channel Tunnel opening in the mid 1990's. Seeing their daring, skill, magic and creativity up close was a revelation. They had groundbreaking new ideas and as someone said, reinvented the circus for modern times.

A crying shame they have come to the end of the road, whatever the reasons may be. I hope a phoenix will rise from the ashes before too long.

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When I saw them for the first time, I was an adult, but the show impressed me like no other. It was unique, it was thrilling, it was creative, it was wonderful. I went to see them again ten years later and was not disappointed. So sorry, they've ended up this way

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They screwed themselves when they got rid of the bears riding bicycles and the bearded lady,

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This has to be either financial mismanagement or financial shenanigans. Current owners may try to blame Covid 19 or something but there is not real competition for them is there? No string of accidents. No wave of complaints about bored audiences. Nothing.

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