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Cirque du Soleil resumes Kooza performances


The popular Cirque de Soleil has resumed its latest show Kooza at Tokyo's Harajuku Big Top after a short break following the March 11 earthquake.

The show’s program remains the same as when it started in early February, but electricity is cut by up to 35%, officials said.

Kooza performers are collecting earthquake relief donations after the show.

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the name sounds French. It is popular in Japan. More and more for Japan.

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Jobseeker - Cirque du Soleil is Canadian, but they perform around the world. They are so popular here in Japan that they have built their own permanent building for their performances.

I like that Cirque du Soleil is collecting, but I would like it even more to hear that they are donating a portion of their earnings of each show.

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I really, really hope that a big quake doesn't hit while they're doing some of the more acrobatic tricks. The spinning locked rings were incredible to see, and thrilling enough already.

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I went to see these jokers a few years back in Yoyogi when they had the Saltimbanco show. Tickets were majorly overpriced and the J-audience sat in sour-faced dumbfoundedment throughout. These guys should fork over their entire salaries to the relief, Cirque made One Billion Dollars this last year !

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