Clint Eastwood splits from second wife


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He still has her chair to keep him company.

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I bet that Made His Day.

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Clint can still score regardless of age.

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This is not surprising.

"The 83-year-old star and his 48-year-old wife"

When he was 43 she was eight.

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They parted freinds And that says plenty about the both of them!- That's Amor'e!

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Guess he was "Unforgiven". Now we may hear about "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" of their relationship. She'll probably want "A Fist Full of Dollars", but her lawyers will argue "For a Few Dollars More".

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She probably will find a man half Clint;s age to be happily ever after instead searching constantly where he misplaced his cane,

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“Clint fell out of love with Dina a long time ago,”

Falling in love and subsequently falling out of love, [the meaning of] commitment and dedication thrown out the window in an 'amicable settlement'. Congratulations, but to who?

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Hummmmm,,, I saw Mr. and Mrs. Clint Eastwood playing in a celebrity Jr/Sr pro/am golf tournament at Pebble Beach in Carmel, CA a few years ago, and they seemed pretty playful and happy together then. I actually thought she was one of his older daughters, until someone explained she was his current wife!!

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Maybe he already found 20 years old cutie pie who is friendly because he is as old as her great grand papa?

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