CNBC increases programming content in Japan


CNBC is increasing its business and financial news content in Japan on Nikkei-CNBC from this month. The network’s live English language programming will increase from 7.5 hours to 12.5 hours and will include simultaneous Japanese translation.

The addition of CNBC’s live content comes in conjunction with the unveiling of Nikkei-CNBC’s new programming schedule this month. The new schedule brings together Nikkei-CNBC’s local content coupled with more of CNBC’s live international content – offering viewers a wider range of business news coverage from around the globe.

Michael Kearns, Head of News and Programming, CNBC Asia Pacific said, “We're pleased to be able to offer additional hours of CNBC's live English language programming, translated into Japanese, on Nikkei-CNBC. The additional hours enable us to provide a more thorough and complete picture of the global economy to our Japanese viewers in their own language.”

The new schedule will focus on enhancing Nikkei-CNBC’s global financial and business news content in Japan while continuing to provide coverage of the locally relevant news affecting the Japanese market - creating a seamless experience for viewers who want access to the stories that are impacting their own market and those that are making waves globally.

Nikkei CNBC’s new programming schedule includes:

• Across the Market (14:05-14:45 weekdays) – A live program covering global market trends of the day and delivering up-to-the-minute news on each market in Asia, Europe and the U.S.

• NEWS CORE (21:00-22:00 weekdays) – A one-hour program that analyses market trends and news of the day providing a macro and micro view of what to look for tomorrow. Daily special offers include executive interviews such as Nikkei-CNBC’s “The Leaders” and CNBC’s “Managing Asia.”

• BS News Nikkei Plus 10 (23:40-24:00 weekday) BS Japan and NIKKEI Inc, Japan’s leading business news media, co-produce this new daily news program, which focuses on the business and economic highlights of the day.

Goro Sakai, president of Nikkei-CNBC said, “This new schedule is the biggest change in Nikkei-CNBC’s history. CNBC is an internationally renowned network known for its high caliber content and journalistic integrity. The increased addition of their live content translated into Japanese will help strengthen the range of coverage on other markets outside Japan and provide a more rounded experience to our viewers in Japan.”

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This seems misleading. They're showing more programming from outside Japan and translating it into Japanese. So "news content in Japan" isn't increasing. They're just doing more translating of foreign programs.

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perhaps to allure unwary "individual" investors (!)

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Saw this last night, just before 11pm. Not 100% sure, but I don't think you can listen to it in English when they are translating. it's always fun to watch the CNBC puppets dance.

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Finally!!!! When the US market opens, who cares what the Nikkei did????

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Japanese people's English cannot improve without better and more English programming.I watch CNBC only on Sundays because what else is being offered is weak beyond their usual stuff.When I see the commercials for HK and Singapore programming I wish I was there.

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