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Coates hopes 'Black Panther' hype transfers to comic book


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It will be interesting to see how it does. Don't forget how people here were dimissing Wonder Woman, which turned out to be the highest grossing superhero origin film of all time.


Not bad for DC, who's filmic output has been erratic, to say the least, since Nolan's stewardship of Batman ended.

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Feminism is about equality, not hating men.

So many men seem to think that respect is a zero-sum game, so treating women with more respect must mean that men get less.

This thread is riddled with such comments.

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There is no cultural irrelevance like being angry that a movie with non-white leads is popular.

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‘Black Panther’ outsells all Marvel films in first 24 hours of ticket presales


Film beat 2016’s ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ which eventually grossed $1.2 billion worldwide

Black Panther continues to pounce on ticket presale records


On top of all of that, the Deadline story also points out that social media buzz surrounding Black Panther skyrocketed after its world premiere on Monday night, with about 20,000 new followers heading to the movie’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feeds. It’s worth noting that this early buzz doesn’t necessarily translate to a runaway box office success, but movie industry experts believe that Black Panther might come in at as high as $150 million over its first four days—which would be just shy of the record Deadpool set when it opened around this time of year in 2016.

Box Office: 'Black Panther' Tracking For A Record-Breaking Debut


At this risk of stating the obvious, Black Panther is a generational event movie for a whole deluge of folks who have wanted a movie like this for their entire lives. Just like Wonder Woman, Black Panther is a real event movie partially by offering the kind of onscreen hero who usually doesn’t get to be front-and-center in this type of mega-budget superhero movie. Sure, there was a time in the mid-1990’s where low-to-mid budget superhero films (Blade, Spawn, Meteor Man, Steel, Blankman, Mask of Zorro, etc.) were as likely to star a minority actor as a white dude, but that was a lifetime ago.

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If it's as good as the recent Thor, Spiderman, Doctor Strange and Captain America releases it can't go far wrong. It's the character development and dynamic that Marvel excels in. On the big screen, or the small screen. Why can't DC achiveve this, lately? Like Marvel, the comics always delivered. But the big screen outings have faltered of late. WW being the sole exception.

Movie opens on March 1st. Make mine Marvel!

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Yep, there's already enough hype -- people already put down money where their mouths are (presales are very strong) -- fake hype is totally unnecessary


Black Panther premiered to a lucky few last night, and fear not—the movie does not disappoint. Early reactions are positively incandescent, with many viewers calling Black Panther the best Marvel movie yet. They applauded director Ryan Coogler, the film's centering of its female leads—Lupita Nyong'o as Nakia, Danai Gurira as Okoye, Letitia Wright as Shuri, and Angela Bassett as Ramonda—and a standout performance from Michael B. Jordan as villain Eric Killmonger.

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By the way I will watch it when it gets on DVD. I have watched a fair number of basically Black based movies and have enjoyed the difference in point of view.

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I remember him back in the 70s. Always one of my favorites. Iirc, his character in the book (much later) married Ororo (Storm from X-Men)?

Looking forward to Marvel's latest cinematic output. They haven't put a foot wrong yet.

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The second story about this turkey-in-waiting from Jules Holland claiming all sorts of hype for a movie I’ve only heard about from - Jules Holland.

Get the feeling the writer is emotionally invested in seeing this stinker becoming a hit?

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Feminism is about equality, not hating men.

But how things have been going, it would seem they do hate men.

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ahhh, I see the scam now. Google "Jules Holland" and his/her Twitter by-line says "Race and Ethnicity writer" at AP.

Blow me over with a leaf.

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Feminism is about equality, not hating men.

Feminism is about female empowerment. Not equality.

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So many men seem to think that respect is a zero-sum game, so treating women with more respect must mean that men get less.

This thread is riddled with such comments.

That type of comment has literally never been written on JT or any other news site I can name.

Anyyone with a brain can see the current incarnation of feminism is a weaponized, man-hating cartel with soyboy creeps as an entourage.

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