Comedians pocketed up to ¥1 million from alleged crime group


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Petty wages.

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Targeting elderly people across the nation, the group is believed to have swindled them out of more than 4 billion yen through telephone calls, the magazine said.

Let's not make it seem the comedians were involved! People are going to get that impression from the way the article is written.

All these comedians did was fail to report income to the tax authorities, and they did that, by submitting amended forms

Yoshimoto Kogyo said none of the 13 comedians had reported the remunerations in their tax returns and they all recently amended their reports to tax authorities.

Not to mention that THIS time the group is not being mentioned as being yakuza, if they were more than likely all 13 would be fired, not suspended!

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You gotta laugh.

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First Mr. Miyasako said that he didn't accept any money. And second he said that he didn't get so much money opposed to the weekly paper had said 1 million yen. But actually he got just 1 million yen. What a liar.

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Miaysato's the highest profile name on this list, and he got the most money too. Not a good look for him.

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Petty wages? Well, they got paid a little cash and they get to stay on the yakuza's good side. I'd wager they didn't have much say in the matter. Plus obviously, if you came up from Osaka in the entertainment industry... even their company knows what's up. A slap on the wrist and some lip service. Lay low for little bit and come back in a year.

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, or because their agent didn't get his cut?

They don't need to give any cut, some artists I know don't have an agency. But those choose to hire agents to help them manage their good image, which is the biggest asset for a tarento (talent being optional in J-showbiz).

They're being held responsible for not knowing where their paymasters got their money

They knew the reputation of the client, they knew they were paid in cash without invoice, they knew some trash media could exploit that... and they took the risk. They are too stupid for their job.

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The all powerful Union flexing its muscles...

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A million yen!!! The horror. The amount most celebs make for a 5 sec radio commercial.

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