Confident and content, Paul McCartney rejuvenates sound

By Shaun Tandon

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theFritzXSep. 10 04:47 pm JSTStarpunk, Good to know! Thanks Paul.

There's quote a bit everything there - something to delight everyone but my parents. 'Egypt Station' is a charmer. To paraphrase John Lennon when he discussed a Paul album, 'It's Paul McCartney music, and it's GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'.

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Starpunk, Good to know! Thanks Paul.

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Heard his new CD today. One of the best for the year, and good music is finally making a comeback. Just ignore the teeny manufactured garbage like kateyperry/ninaj/adrianegrande/britneyspears/Xtina/ladygaga/cardib/justintinkerbell/carryunderwoodchickenspread/mileycyrus/uh-you-know-what-I-mean!

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He still is at the game. And notice the shirt he's wearing here, a reference to his fellow Beatle buddy John.

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