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Connecticut judge OKs bankruptcy plan for rapper 50 Cent


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50 cent, you are broke? That's funny!!!

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He also was named by Forbes last year as one of hip-hop’s five wealthiest artists for 2015.

I guess Forbes don't know CRAP LOL!!

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I guess Forbes don't know CRAP LOL!!

Forbes was right on that. Actually he still wealthy. He adopted this stratagem to avoid paying that lady who happens to be related to one of his rival rapper.

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Well if he can game the system looking at the numbers in this burb then clearly there are some things horribly wrong if you financials show yr $16million in debt................but your not................

I wanna play THAT game!

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What an idiot. . . What was that stupid song / movie called again? "Get rich or die trying". No wonder why Black youths end up dead or in jail. . . . but, but, but, BLM.

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Sounds more like consolidation than bankruptcy.

Wc626: "". No wonder why Black youths end up dead or in jail. . . . but, but, but, BLM."

And you've just proven that you don't think they matter at all with that disgraceful and completely unrelated comment. Well done!

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What a load. Each creditor should simply be paid in full, in an order decided by the court, each time 50 Cent acquires the cash to pay, and you know he will. It might take years, but so what? Bust him down to 5 million immediately. He will be fine and the extra 21 million paid over time. His royalties alone will cover this eventually.

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You know, there are also tons of stupid songs with ridiculous lyrics sung by other colors. You sound very racist there.

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