Cool Japan Program announced for Gold Coast Film Festival


Australia's Gold Coast Film Festival will once again feature a collection of anime and new Japanese films in a new staple program to the GCFF called Cool Japan Gold Coast. The program includes the films "Children Who Chase Lost Voices From Deep Below," "Midori-Ko," "Gantz, Gantz: Perfect Answer" and "Norwegian Wood," a striking and romantic Japanese drama.

Cool Japan Gold Coast is a screen culture program designed to explore and experience Japan's pop culture industries such as anime, movies, art and design. It includes new release feature film screenings, hosted workshops and an anime art exhibition featuring original art stills from anime films, story boards, posters and DVD screening excerpts.

Also screening from Japan is the documentary "The Echo of Astro Boy's Footsteps" and the new action film from Takashi Miike, "13 Assassins."

An exhibit of art from some of the great names in anime will be presented at the Robina Community Centre Nov 16-27 as part of the Gold Coast Film Festival Cool Japan program. Featuring work from artists Makoto Shinkai, Jun Awazu, Ryoichi Mori and Soubi Yamamoto, the exhibit presents the awe-inspiring nature of this uniquely Japanese animation in a way that will leave fans and newcomers alike standing breathless.

The Gold Coast Film Festival presented by Australia Fair Shopping Centre, will be held Nov 21-27 at Birch Carroll and Coyle Cinemas at Australia Fair Shopping Centre in Southport. The full program of films and events is available at www.gcfilmfestival.com

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Some nice cultural exchange.

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As a Gold Coaster myself, it is a great opportunity for the people to learn more about Japanese culture and increase interest in traveling to Japan. Good for both countries.

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never ceases to amaze me how 'cool japan' always includes anime, cosplay and other child centred activities...

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and the new action film from Takashi Miike, “13 Assassins.”

Not so new - it came out last year and has been on DVD for months. He has a new one in theaters now, "Ichimei".

Still, "13 Assassins" is quite good.

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grammefriday: "never ceases to amaze me how 'cool japan' always includes anime, cosplay and other child centred activities..."

All part of pop-culture here, and we're not really in any position to tell people what they should or should not like so long as it falls within legal boundaries. A LOT of people like (love, in fact) Japanese anime because quite frankly it is amazing (and ranges from children's shows like Pokemon and Naruto to classic movies like Akira and the works of Miyazaki Hayao). I'm not for the whole cosplay thing (though it can be a thing to see!), nor do I watch much anime at all, but again it's not for me to call them childish on everyone's behalf.

Bottom line is, as has been said, it spreads some culture and will attract both new and old fans in another nation, and with all the bad press these days, that's a GOOD thing to keep in mind.

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Cant help but think it will be wasted on the G.Coast..the place is a cultural wasteland and the Aust. Fair complex is a very ordinary location for a film festival..such things arent noticed anywhere but in Melbourne.

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Interesting point, grammefriday, how much of Japan's cultural exports are just stuff for kiddies or arrested adolescents.

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"Cool" things will almost always be youth-oriented - why is this a surprise?

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