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Coppola's long-awaited epic 'Megalopolis' divides Cannes


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Looking forward to it. I have all the times in the world for Coppola art.

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It sure sounds like it's a spinoff from Fritz Lang's Metropolis. If so, give credit to where it's due.

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Cannes it art house. It has as much to do with the cinema we watch as the Paris fashion show has to do with what we wear. Coppola has helped create some of the best movies ever made, bridging the art house/mainstream divide. If he wants to indulge himself at his own cost, he has earned the right. Authors can dispense with the restrictions of publishers and editors if they want to do their own thing. It is way more expensive for a movie maker.

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Visually it certainly has some similarities with Metropolis but sounds more like a battle of elites and not focused on class struggles like in Metropolis. Coppola is eclectic and often takes big risks. He doesn't back down from his creative visions which translates into masterpieces or flops, not much in between. But I'd rather have a director who puts it all on the line versus one just going through the motions making hackneyed mediocrity which Hollywood has been relegated to lately.

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He self financed the film from production to release. Give the guy a break based on his past successes

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