Coppola reunited with 'Apocalypse Now' typewriter


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Coppola is one of five recipients of the Praemium Imperiale this year,

Nice to see a legitimate award being presented here, as opposed to the usual "best sock wearer" award ceremonies...

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I'll bet it was an emotional meeting between typewriter and coppola.

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combinibento: I believe you are thinking of the "Best Sockist" award?

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Let's hope he doesn't get re-united with the typewriter he used on Godfather Part III

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Is it Mac or Windows?

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Now, let's see David Cronenberg or William S Burroughs get re-united with the typewriter from Naked Lunch :p

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Hopefully some lost footage will be on that film reel!

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I thought the article was going to be about him collaborating again with John Milius

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@Get Real: It is a manual typewriter. 40 years ago? There was no personal computer yet. No Mac, No Window yet.

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Is it Mac or Windows?

In the mid 70's there was neither Macintosh nor even an IBM PC - never mind Windows. Apple Computer, Inc. wasn't even founded until 1976 and their initial products were the Apple models. The Apple 1 didn't even have a keyboard (it was sold as just a motherboard) so it could never be mistaken for a typewriter.

The IBM PC wasn't a reality until 1981. The first Macintosh wasn't a reality until 1984. Windows wasn't a reality until a year later - November 1985 - but that was really just a shell running on top of MS-DOS. Windows as a stand-alone product wasn't a reality until Windows NT in the mid-90's.

So Mr. Coppola wasn't using a computer, but a bona-fide typewriter - and probably a manual one at that.

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@Fadamor and toshiko: it's just possible that Get Real was being facetious. Not pedantic, like an "origin of personal computers" post, for instance.

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John: I did not write any history of computers we used years ago because this is Coppola's typewriter. Why you mention my name?
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"Francis Ford Coppola was reunited Tuesday with the typewriter he used..." What they didn't tell is it was because he recently divorced his vacuum cleaner.

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The Type-writer in question was built by Smith-Corona according to a T.Y. Times story

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Bartha: Thank you for info. Years ago, people had to take typing lessons in order to work in office.
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