Coronavirus stokes fears for UK music industry

By Callum PATON

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Moaning about it will achieve nothing.

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Concerts are going ahead in the UK (along with sporting events).

The only difference is that the audience is now on-line.

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If i have to see a concert online i can put on a good concert Dvd with better quality than livestream , which despite of all the hype, still does not deliver constant quality.

or a good LP or CD. Nothing can replace however the trill and emotions of live music, opera, classic, rock, blues, no matter the genre.

i do think however that too many mediocre performers have been kept going because of government subsidies for decades. That also goes for theatre.

but weighing pro and contra i rather have some of my taxmoney waisted on the minority of artists that do not deserve it then to wipe out the entire cultural scene.

the pleasure i have gotten from great live performances over the entire spectrum of arts heavily outweighs the few times i felt disappointed. I still recall with pleasure concerts of 1,2 or 3 decades ago while disappointing ones were quickly washed away with a few good bottles of champagne, single malt , wine, or beer.

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You are right Robert Maes, the quality of livestream is not perfect yet, although I think Convid-19, will accelerate it's development.

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Well, do what they've been doing in the kpop industry. Hold online concerts!

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There’s no doubt it’s been a crap time. But with the end now in sight, after at least 55,000 UK dead I should think you’d count yourselves lucky you have a future.

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There’s no doubt it’s been a crap time. But with the end now in sight,...

There is everything else in sight, but surely no end. Start your thinking over journey with reading about the variety of vaccination side effects and that many people won’t stand or will deny the second vaccination shot after having experienced the side effects of the first... The light at the end of the tunnel is the incoming train and nothing else.

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music industry

In some ways, it's a strange expression. But I remember one song that includes it in the lyrics.


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Sven Asai, stop scaremongering. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines report less than 2% of recipients having had severe side effects (severe described as restricting normal activity). The AstraZeneca and even the Russian Sputnik vaccines report only mild side effects similar to a flu vaccine. The only people that will be hesitant will be those who are foolish enough to listen to the constant disinformation. 98% chance of avoiding unpleasant side effects are pretty good odds and when most are vaccinated the music industry will have the chance to recover sooner rather than later.

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