Veteran Japanese TV, film actress Kirin Kiki dies at 75


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Oh well this is sad news. At seventy five she had a lot more living to do. I thought her work in Koreeda's movies was fabulous, and in her interviews she seemed like a very solid, strong woman. Fly straight, Ms Kiki.

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Wonderful lady. Wonderful attitude to life and a wonderful attitude to death too.

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A wonderful actress and we also enjoyed seeing her as herself on the occasional TV show when she had an upcoming movie to promote or whatever. A true original, smart, quirky, and strong. She will be missed.

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Her daughter lives abroad (according to the article I read a sometime ago), so I'm glad someone found her. I enjoyed her various characters when I had a TV. Like BertieWooster, I admired her attitude towards life and death. She was strong and serene.

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Her daughter lives abroad (according to the article I read a sometime ago), so I'm glad someone found her.

Her family was with her at home to see her off, having arranged in advance that she would die at home.

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Sad news. She was a terrific actress whose prescence in something was a guarantee of quality. RIP.

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I read the Kyodo News article a few months back so I was expecting this. It's still a bummer hearing she's finally passed away. I've always liked her because she was always so direct and no-nonsense in her interviews. I also liked her way of thinking.

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Always liked her. rip

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I have an acquaintance diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer in 2016. She has been active, running in marathons and working as a consultant. I used to think that being told one's cancer is at the most advanced stage of breast cancer meant that death was imminent. It is, but modern treatments continue to improve survival for most women diagnosed today.

Kiki Kirin knew how she was feeling and also had PET scan showing where the cancer spread in her body. It's really good that her daughter uprooted herself (plus husband and child/children) to comfort and care for her mother. Death is near but who knows whether it'll come in a few hours, days, weeks or months?

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yes and natural remidies have been proven medically , dont work.

Most cancer can hide themselves from the bodies immune system which is why the immune system doesnt attack it, new cancer treatments strip the cancer of this camouflage so the body can attack it naturally, No natural remedies can do this, it has to be done on a gentic level. Only 60yrs ago the cancer survival rate was under 20% not its over 50% A mixture of modern medicine and natural is your best bet for survival.

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An interesting person. I also had read an earlier article about her impending death. A previous comment said her daughter was their for her final days - that surprised me. I would love to read her life story.

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I know she was suffering of cancer and she devoted her life for her actress performances until the last time of her life to be one of the family of "Shoplifters", she was a great instructor to younger actressess who are now walking the red carpet. And she deserved to walk with them the red carpets she guided how to walk the entire life as an actress. Stay with us in our memory, many scenes of the movies and tv dramas still live as your presence is still alive, RIP Mme. Kirin Kiki...

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First Film I watched of her is Still Walking...but I couldn't recognized her in her early films..but I do want to watch her 1983 Hometown.

Btw, She really maintained her health for nearly 14 Years. Usually Breast Cancer patients survival rate is 5 years only. Did she go under Chemotherapy and took Tamoxifen Tablets? Or did she go through Natural Herbal Remedies or just normal way of living life like gardening, walking, maintaining diet etc?.....

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Great actress, always enjoyed her movies. Her (ex)husband "rock and roll" is pretty frail as well. It is sad she passed. I didn't know the guy from Okuribito (Motoki?) was her stepson.

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Uchida was not her ex-husband. They never divorced although they only lived together a year or two because of his violence among other problems. He once famously submitted divorce papers but she fought it and won, on the basis of forgery I think it was. Her famous statement at the time was along the lines that he had no right to a divorce as he hadn’t yet fulfilled his obligations as a husband and therefore there was no “marriage” to get out of.

Motoki is not her stepson. He is her son-in-law married to her daughter.

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"Today the talent pool for screen actors in Japan is shallow. They all look and dress the same and I can't tell them apart. This isn't a fashion show, you know. Actors should show originality," she said.

So true.

Enjoyed the movies she played in and looking forward to watch 'Shoplifters'. RIP.


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