Cranberries singer drowned accidentally in bath: UK coroner


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@juminRhee - In January? Did the news report it then? First I heard...

Yes, of course her death was reported in January. However, this is the result of the coroner’s findings.

She was set to release a new version of Zombie with a band called Bad Wolves, but died just days before the official recording. They released the song in her honor with all proceeds going to her children. Search it up on YouTube. It will put a twinkle in the eye if any rock music fan. :-(

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In January? Did the news report it then? First I heard...

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Do other people like taking baths after getting crazy drunk and/or doing drugs? Is it a female thing? A famous person thing? An alcoholic thing? I've never been one to want to have a bath when messed up.

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Just like Whitney.

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