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Creators behind 'Game of Thrones' stir race controversy with 'Confederate'

By Thomas URBAIN

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What? Rich racist White people, making what they want, when they want??? I'm so shocked

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The project is currently in its infancy so we hope that people will reserve judgment until there is something to see."

Precisely. Alternative history fiction has been around for ages. Eric Flint, Philip Roth, Michael Moorcock to name but a few.

Sci-fi. What I'd like to see is a what if a madman took over the White House?

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Watchmen is another fine example of an alternate history. The comic book, that is. Film jettisons all the nuances and goes for sheer spectacle. Which is fine if you like that kind of thing but the Alan Moore classic is s much more than that. Set in 1985 , in a world where Woodward and Bernstein are disappeared before Watergate comes to light. Where Nixon is on his historic third term and Afghanistan is invaded by the Soviets. A story that questions power, corruption and the American dream.

Not saying that Confederate will make such a profound impact but it could be interesting, in terms of the genre.

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it will flop like other history rewrites, like nazis winning. the, reason it will flop is hinted at in this article. America is not still grappling with the after effects of slavery. that is a total fantasy. any problems today are the effects of liberalism and left wing policies, starting with left wing segregation and still occurring with left, wing welfare, which keeps many African Americans poor. Yet, this new, show will attempt to claim today's America is, what would have happened. they will also rewrite the villains. the, real Gillian's, the Democratic party and it's, slave. holders, who moved to segregation and socialism will be written in as would be heroes, if they won, today's would would not be bad. and the heroes of the civil war, Republicans who actually formed to end, slavery, will be rewritten as the slave owners who won in this, fantasy world. this is not fantasy or entertainment, which is, why it will flop. I could be wrong but other attempts to speculate if the bad guys won, always try to make the real left wing villians into the fantasy heroes , nazis, are socialists, just another left, wing group but are portrayed, as right wingers in history rewrites and the show fails. maybe they will do a real story, start with real the Democrats won and then speculate but I doubt that is the plan

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Except it's progressives who are up in arms.

"The same guys who have gratuitous depictions of rape & no significant POC characters are going to handle the enslavement of Blacks w/ nuance," tweeted activist April Reign, who created the #OscarsSoWhite hashtag to protest the lack of diversity among the 2016 Oscar nominees.

Instead of whingeing incessantly, why don't these regressives pony up their own money and make their own shows and awards ceremonies? Because these cultural Marxists can only destroy, not create. And nobody with an ounce of sanity would lend them the money to finance such ventures anyway due to a lack of likely return on their investment.

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If you dont like the show, dont watch. And what is up with "progressives" getting angered over what race the cast is? These SJWs are getting too petty over everything. It is fantasy that someone made up.. So what if there isn't "X" race or a mixed batch of races. Is the story good? If so, watch it. If not, do not watch.

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Were there similar issues when The Man in the High Castle started production and after it was released 2 years ago? In that series, it is heavily implied that all Jewish people and Black people have all been exterminated in a global genocide, which seems far worse than a light counterfactual involving the Confederates winning the Civil War.

I think the worst insult here is that Weiss and Benioff are creating this show. They should be kept far away from TV after the catastrophically bad recent seasons of GoT. They are normalizing mediocrity and dumbing down society

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please crying cupcake whiners. its a TV SHOW worry about something that matters

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What if the south won, what if the Nazi won, what if the Japanese won, in any of these stories, they usually depict a distopia. There's no harm IMHO, but I could be wrong.

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so they made GOT.  so what?  the premise of this movie still sounds lame.  Even if Dixie won slavery would have been abolished by now.

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kyronstavic, some minorities have award shows. Ever hear of these?


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I think slavery would have been abolished by now, period. The South might still (as they do now) not allow full citizenship to most non-whites, but we will have to wait and see. Anyway, I want to see the show, even if it turns out to be terrible.

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What?! POC with a chip on their shoulders?! No way!

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I want to see a film or series about us winning the War of Independence and America having right-hand cars drive on the left, pounds instead of dollars and all of the other trappings of an Imperial colony :)

Seriously though, I don't see the problem with a fictionlised account of the Southern States winning - implausible but possibly entertaining. I'm a so-called liberally minded person, but I don't have any issues with how such a series would be made.

SS-GB detailed a Britain defeated by Germany, much the same as the Man in the High Castle and I don't remember people getting all weird about it.

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it will flop like other history rewrites, like nazis winning. the, reason it will flop is hinted at in this article.

I take it you haven't read The Plot Against America by Philip Roth?

It's not real. Sci fi. Conjecture. It has not actually happened.

Judging by your post; you have a thing for fantasy. I suggest you treat this show as more of the same.

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Counter factual history can be fun, but in an infinite universe all things will happen, so somewhere there is a world where the south did win! Nothing can change that!!!

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Todd Topolski, the truth is sad but the Southern Democratic Party of 1860 has turned into Republicans in 1964 with the Civil Rights Acts. If you look at the vote Southerners of both parties voted against the Civil Rights bills and Northerners of both parties voted for these acts. What happened is the Southern Democrats became Republicans and most of the Northern Republicans became Democrats.

One thing is true, if the Confederacy won its right to be independant. Then the USA would of never been a factor in world politics. The spilting up of the nation into 3 or more parts means 3 or more weak nations. Second a reason the Confederacy lost was due to state rights. Even in wartime they barely managed to work toughter. So what would happen in peace?

I see this series as a fanasy geared to undereducated Southern white males. They can drink their beer and feel good about themselves. They can worry less about their lower economic standing and see that the conversion of their majority is standing and not falling which is the truth.

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If the South had of won, slavery would have ended like it did in countries like Brazil and Cuba in the 1880's and wouldn't make for particularly interesting TV viewing ...

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Wess and Benioff studied in liberal colleges

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