Crew member says Johnny Depp punched him on LA film set


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To be honest, i've never really liked depp as an actor - he did a couple of good films but most of the roles he plays, he gets cast as a weirdo.

I wonder why that is ....

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As opposed to other actors, who are all well-adjusted normal people?

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Depp's done a couple of really good movies - Gilbert Grape, Dead Man come to mind - but it's like his career long ago trailed off into irrelevance, and that's reflected in his recent behaviour and the messes he's got himself into. I blame Pirates of the Caribbean - maybe he's modelled himself a bit too closely on Keef Richards?

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Did anyone catch Paul McCartnay's cameo in Depps Pirates of the Caribbean? I think one of The Rolling Stones had a cameo in a different Pirate flick. They always play a reletive.

Dead Man come to mind -

Is that the one where he plays a Native American wanting to get paid to let someone off him? That was a great flick.

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In Dead Man Depp plays a greenhorn come to ta Wild West town for an accountancy job. He gets shot, bullet lodges close to his heart, the slightest wrong move makes him the dead man of the title. That's where the Native American comes in, but he's not played by Depp. Gets pretty surreal from there. Neil Young soundtrack. I think you might be thinking of a different movie.

Johnny Depp cited Keith Richards (he was the Stone who had the cameo) as the inspiration for the way he played Capt Jack in Pirates. Probably the last time he was inspired by anything.

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Love Dead Man (and all Jarmusch's films). The soundtrack alone makes it worth seeing. Gilbert Grape and his early Tim Burton films were all good. But all these quirky roles put him on the path of self-caricature long before he went pirate. I simply can't buy him in straight drama anymore.

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Dead Man is superb. Great cast, Depp, John Hurt, Iggy, Robert Mitchum and Gary Farmer who plays the Native American. Farmer kind of reprises the role in another Jarmusch film, Ghost Dog Way of the Samurai. Which is excellent but not as engaging as Dead Man.

Loved Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and it's prequel (of sorts) The Rum Diary.

Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood and Benny & Joon showcase his versatile, quirky side. I don't mind his output nowadays but his best work seems to be behind him.

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It sounds to me that Depp's cry for help was offering the guy 100k to puff him up. We'll never know how Johnny would have reacted. It could have changed his life. It isn't Depp's talent that are ruining his career choices.

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His portrayal of John Wilmot in the Libertine is worth watching.

Seems he may have taken something of the character to heart.

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Depp is an easy target - random at best,  His acting also random - done some real rubbish.  and apparently lost all his money somehow.

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yeah. I got the wrong movie. Didn't bother to look it up. But the one I'm speaking of is just fantastic. It's called

The Brave

Benny and Joon

Donnie Brasco

and yes Toasted, fear and Loathing was great

Ed Wood was amazing

I don't get the Jonny Depp hatred. He's more than enough proved himself on the big screen. But my god, what was he thinking with Carlie and the chocolate factory?

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He likes to beat up on women too. Another Hollywood liberal.

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But my god, what was he thinking with Carlie and the chocolate factory?

Possibly his friendship with Burton. It's not his portrayal of Wonka, which is a new take on the character but the film suffers in comparison with the 1970s version with Gene Wilder.

He likes to beat up on women too. Another Hollywood liberal.

Sylvester Stallone is a Republican. As is Mel Gibson and numerous others who have all had well-publicised incidents of how they have treated women.

Misogyny and idiotic behaviour is not limited to who one votes for.

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I like Depp as an actor, he has been in a lot of stuff I have thoroughly enjoyed.

That said, his financial troubles have probably dictated a lot of his output over the last decade and he has moved down a few notches as a result. "Johnny Depp is in that" used to be enough to at least make me rent a movie, but it doesn't anymore.

He hasn't quite reached the period in his career dominated by "Straight-to-DVD-paychecks-I-Need-to-satisfy-creditors" projects a-la Nicholas Cage or Bruce Willis, but that might be just around the corner.

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There's such a long and sad history of talented actors falling by the wayside. Through the pressures of fame, or drugs or whatever sadness blights their lives. Brando, Orson Welles spring to mind. Ending up taking numerous roles which do nothing to distinguish their career. If anything, they subtract from it.

I hope Depp can break free from this downward spiral.

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Toasted Heretic, allow me to clarfy: Another hollywood liberal HYPOCRITE.

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"Depp then yelled "I will give you one hundred thousand dollars to punch me in the face right now!" at Brooks"

I wouldn't need even one dollar to slap Depp upside his silly head.

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He's a great actor, but he's clearly been off the rails the past few years.

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