Crew member who gave Baldwin gun subject of prior complaint


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I remember actor Lee Marvin, a WWII veteran, once said that he personally checked every gun he ever touched to see if it was loaded and what was it loaded with while making movies.

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Quite right, and Marvin wasn’t/isn’t the only one.

Its actually difficult to understand what was actually happening on that movie set and in Alec Baldwin’s head. With multiple accidental discharges of real ammunition in the days preceding the fatality I find the negligence involved here absolutely astounding, not to mention criminal.

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Somebody will face negligence charges, but it won't be Baldwin. He actually does have an excellent defence.

And what is that? “I’m an idiot”?

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when working with firearms always proceed with caution and the appropriate safety gear for everyone in the near vicinity

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DM reporting that the guns were being used by staff for target practice which is why they had been filled with live rounds. Why the guns were not unloaded (or even why they were being used in the first place) has not been explained; neither has why the gun used in the shooting was seemingly replaced for on-set usage while filled with live ammo.

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Lee Marvin was absolutely right and he obviously respected guns. Safety should always be the highest priority when it comes to guns. Check, double-check, and triple-check, etc., until you're convinced the gun is safe. You can't check it enough, especially if its a so-called cold gun being handed to you by somebody else.

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Both the gun handler and Baldwin should face charges of negligence. "I was told they were blanks" doesn't pass the pub test.

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Is that the best bouquet of flowers they could find for the poor lady that tragically shot and killed.

Truly disapointing

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2 people died, that is a fact.

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With the amount of money Baldwin has to spend and the circumstances of the incident i think there should be a massive amount of beautiful flowers bouquets to show exactly how much they appreciated her and how sorry he is.

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If the guns are left on a cart unattended (the unattended part is not clear) that is a big problem. The armorer should be keeping the guns locked away, then checking and handing them out as they're needed.

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Baldwin will most likely face manslaughter charges, he was the one holding the weapon and pulled the trigger. The handler is ultimately responsible for what happens, especially as the gun was recklessly gueyss twice.

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Baldwin has the responsibility to check the firearm that he was handling as he is ultimately the person pulling the trigger. Trusting someone’s word that the firearm is “cold” is irresponsible. If allegedly the gun was loaded with blanks, one could easily tell. Just a simple check would have prevented the death.

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Both the gun handler and Baldwin should face charges of negligence

Somebody will face negligence charges, but it won't be Baldwin. He actually does have an excellent defence.

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