Cumberbatch joins Marvel universe in 'Doctor Strange'


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I have always said that Marvel makes better live movies, and DC makes better cartoon films. Can't wait to see this one.

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She addressed criticism of her casting in the film as The Ancient One, a character of Asian origins who hails from the Himalayas.

Yeah, I guess because once you have a story you like in your memory, you don't like people mucking about with it. That said, from looking at the trailers, what she did seems to work pretty well.

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Already near finished in South Korea. Can't understand why they need three months to bring it out here.

Moderator: Bizarre statement. It hasn't even opened in the U.S. yet.

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Looking forward to it, but with all the shows on TV now interconnected it'll leave for some parts missing if the shows are up to date. Still love that Cumberbatch is the lead role. Was never the biggest fan of Strange, but maybe that improve things.

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Looking to forward to seeing that Steve Dikto is given credit on the film.

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First reviews are pretty good, they said some new filming techniques were used. Looking forward seeing this.

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“Doctor Strange” opens in Japan on Jan 27.


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