DaBaby booted from Lollapalooza after homophobic comments


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Boom bye bye baby.

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This guy is sick in the head.

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Not tha baby! /Dinosaurs

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His fabulous musicality and creativity will be missed

-3 ( +3 / -6 )

DaBaby is massive in the U.S. While his comments are idiotic, they will most likely bounce off him like a Donald Trump tweet.

-4 ( +1 / -5 )

He can weather the storm for a few years andnthe come back as Da Toddler.......

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Idiot. That's a good way of loosing a large portion world wide fans. Who really cares, except closeted homosexuals trying to make themselves look tough. And considering he calls himself DaBaby, I'm guessing he's a bottom lol

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It's like that US politician a few years who derided the LGBT community and tried to pass these discriminatory laws targeted at them. And then low and behold, he was later found in a bathroom stall with another guy performing.... Well u get my point. God that made me laugh so hard!

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KentarogaijinAug. 2  07:50 am JST

What an ignorant, another stupid who believes that AIDS is only suffered by the LGBTI community, the same ignorance of the pathetic Reagan who did nothing to combat AIDS until the 6th year of his government, beacuse he believed that AIDS was only suffered by the gay community.

In addition, currently with scientific advances you can have a practically normal life with AIDS.

Ignorance and hatred against the LGBTI community has no limits.

Bye bye Baby clown !! ..

What this 'Baby-man' idiot said was offensive not just to gays but also to women, men who have scruples and many others. AIDS can and does affect straight people. And the gross X-rated actions he described isn't practiced by all gays and some straight people do these things as well.

'DaBaby' is more than accurate of a name. He's talking trash like a 6th grader who's read his first porn books. That by itself is boorish, immature and offensive to a wide spectrum of people - gay and not. Like a certain recent WH occupant, he is not worthy to be in a festival gathering like a Lollapalooza or Bat Mitzvah or practically anything. He's got some serious growing up to do and with him sassing off like this, that's what he gets.

DaBaby has crapped his diapers big time for all to see. If I were a music/culture fest organizer I wouldn't welcome an obnoxious cretin brat like this guy. Would you?

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