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'Dallas,' 'I Dream of Jeannie' star Larry Hagman dead at 81


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I don't know,but this news really moved me to tears. Maybe Larry was one of the actors I couldn't imagine would die. Maybe I've been hoping he would live forever.Why do people like him have to die?

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Lookin forward to smokin that cake Larry, RIP dude!

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Hagman wrote that for the past 15 years he had been drinking about four bottles of champagne a day, including while on the “Dallas” set.

And he still made it to 81?! Unbelievable.

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I agree, Sasoriza. Larry Hagman was one of those actors that could be extremely over the top funny and at other times, he could be a serious actor the kind you want hate. I was watching the new Dallas TV series and you could tell, he was getting closer to the last stage of his life. And I like you felt and wanted him to live forever as I, but reality is, time marches on and doesn't stand still. I grew up on "I dream of Jeannie" I have the entire DVD collection. It never gets old. He was naturally too funny, which is something nowadays, you don't see from most actors.

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R.I.P. J.R. My favorite badass drama actor.The new series of Dallas will not be the same without you.In fact they should just cancel the series altogether.I will miss you and your one liners.

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bass4funk: Yep, I too grew up watching the show in the afternoon after school. He was one of the reasons that I joined the Air Force! So many memories and who didn't have a crush on Barbara Eden? He was a good man and will be missed.

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I did not know Hagman was in the Air Force. No wonder his Major Anthony Nelson character came so naturally to him!

RIP Larry.

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Smoking and excessive drinking claims another soul.

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Smoking and excessive drinking claims another soul.

He made it to 81 - more than a lot of people who live healthier lives!

I had to write a finals paper in '83 on Victorian melodrama & use a modern example for comparison- thanks for that, Ewing family!

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You gave me a lot of good TV watching days Larry! Always a legend!

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Great actor. Enjoyed "I dream of Jeannie" when I was a kid and Dallas later on. Rest in peace Larry.

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Thank you, Larry, for entertaining us for decades! We'll miss you.

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RIP, Hagman. I was never a Dallas fan, but respected the actor quite a bit, especially with Jeannie.

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R.I.P. Larry Hagman!!

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Great man, only one I know could get a woman out of a bottle and back.

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Seems he lived a great life, enjoying himself to the fullest.

I remember him best as JR in "Dallas" and what a meanie he portrayed. Fantastic.

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Now we know what really happened with JR. RIP.

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I had once the chance to meet him in Canada, nice guy.. He really entertaining us.. RIP Larry Hagman.

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I have found this article ever so interesting indeed. Mr. Hagman appeared to have had as much an interesting life out of the stage as on it. I remember watching 'Dallas' in Spain as a young lad and how much we all loved following J.R.'s 'misdemeanours' every week. While reading this piece, I have learnt how addicted Larry Hagman was to alcohol at one point in his life too. He came across as a good person regardless and part of his legacy could be a raised awareness of the great harm that excessive ingestion alcohol can do to people's health. Otherwise, when it comes to naming the great personages that have left us this year now that the end of 2012 is near I am sure Mr. Hagman will occupy a special place in everybody's heart. Larry Hagman: Thank you for leaving us so many good memories. Rest in Peace.

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