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Daniel Craig says he wanted out of 007


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What a awesome actor. Good to see he is human like the rest of us. Sounds like a cool guy!

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I doubted him as 007 at the start but what a great Bond he's turned out to be.

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Nov. 1 release date in Singapore, too. Sucks we gotta wait - hear Skyfall is a great film. As for Daniel Craig not wanting to play the role, kind of a shame as I think he makes a great Bond! Then again, all kinds of actors hated playing their most famous roles. Peter Sellars was said to have hated doing Pink Panther movies - but he was the best!

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If yr living in SIN now Nov 1st has come & gone LOL!

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Sounds like a very down to earth guy. Good on him for talking frankly in the interview.

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I have been trying to get out of this from the very moment I got into it, he told Rolling Stone magazine. They would not let me go, and I have agreed to do a couple more. But let us see how this one does, because business is business, he added.

Translation > "I wish I'd been asked to work in more serious movies, but since I wasn't, I decided to take the big bucks for making a bunch of Bond movies."

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The movie was just ok, I liked Casino Royal better, he is a good actor though.

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i seen his full package.

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If he doesn't want to do 007, how about getting Roger Moore back? Nah, he's too old now...

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yeah right, and the next and the next and the next bond movies will have him as the leading role there. Just another tricky negotiation skills for the next movie's share.

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Except for maybe I’ll look up some porn occasionally. Hey, I’m only human

If I was married to Rachel Weisz I hope I wouldn't need to resort to such measures.

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If I was married to Rachel Weisz I hope I wouldn't need to resort to such measures.

they may watch it together...

and he is a good bond, so was Sean Connery though...

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theeastisred: "If I was married to Rachel Weisz I hope I wouldn't need to resort to such measures."

Dude, it doesn't matter whom you are married to, you still at the very least check out porn from time to time. Male or female, you look up porn, and my hat's off to Craig for telling it like it is.

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Sean Connery was Bond! Daniel Craig is Bond!!

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