Daniel Craig still first choice for Bond, says producer


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Daniel Craig has been the best Bond... followed closely by Sean Connery. Others all tied for a distant 'last place'.

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Daniel Craig has been a great bond. I loved every single Bond he made. I'd want him to continue with a few more bonds but maybe its better to stop at your peak. SO yeah perhaps its time to introduce a new bond.

Btw people saying Craig was the best Bond, it's difficult to compare as the movies are in a different setting and time. I liked Connery and Moore and yes even Brosnan too.

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Jet Li?

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It would seem that Craig would prefer to slash his wrist. Anyway, he is 48 now and not getting any younger.

In the books, Bond appears mid- 30s maybe, which is similar to Craig and Connery when they started.

Also, the end of the last film, Spectre, in which Bond does not kill Bloefeld who instead becomes incarcerated , but walks off with girl who had found his occupation as assassin distasteful though Bond had just saved her life. A new Bond would need a new storyline which would be convenient right now, and so would a new Bond.

As Brosnan once described the Bond experience: drive the car, get the girl, save the world. It is that simple, and the formula has worked and still works.

One thing I liked about Craig's Bond was that his scripted jokes were less flippant than, say, Moore's or Brosnan's.

As for an alternative image Bond, well, Angelina Jolie, 41, seems to be at a loose end these days. Now she would get real media attention, wouldn't she, even more than she has now!

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Mohammed Bond should be the next incarnation.

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Vinnie Jones?

Otherwise Gazza if VJ is deemed too classy for the role.

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Sean Connery - the best Daniel Craig - second best

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Anyway, he is 48 now and not getting any younger.

Roger Moore stayed in the role until he was 57. By the last two of his films he was noticeably too old and out of shape for the part. Craig is still well under that threshold, and seems to be in a lot better shape than Moore was, so I don`t see age holding him back from doing a couple more films if he wants to.

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How about letting Chuck Norris play the role of the next Bond?

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Tom Hardy

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And what's Daniel-san done since Spectre?


Won't be long before $150M starts looking "oishii"

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He's a bit of a boring miserable bar steward... anyway, it's way passed time we had a Bond of colour, or a woman, or a transgendered Bond.

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Should we also have a transgendered Batman, or a male Wonder Woman?

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Steven Seagal? Or maybe he should be the bitch-slappin villain in the next one.

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How about Gerard Butler? Good with accents, looks good in a suit while shooting people.

Bond, Leonidas Bond.

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I think each generation that grew up with a Bond may prefer their own. I personally prefer Pierce Brosnan as he looked better (in the 90s at least ;)= ). In either case, Daniel Craig should grow his beard back ( http://www.denofgeek.com/movies/the-golden-compass/35061/the-golden-compass-what-went-wrong - 3rd picture down). He looks off without one.

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its way past time to have a flamboyantly gay, black, muslim refugee from Syria who has had a sex change as the new Bond.

Even though this guarantees the movie won't make a dime, the producers are a patriarchal racist, sexist bunch who are worse than Hitler

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Loved Casino Royale - raw, emotional, fresh. But the rest of the Craig movies have been mediocre - can't hold a candle to Bourne or Miss Imp in terms of storyline and special effects. Need another director who can kick it up a notch.

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Ironically all Daniel Craig Bond movies are booking heavy loss.

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Ever since Brosnan the Bond films have been terrible.

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"Mike LOCT. 04, 2016 - 10:34AM JST Mohammed Bond should be the next incarnation."

Ah, how contemporary! But then there would not be a bond girl. Gotta have a bond girl. I know, so evil. Dang.

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While I like Sean Connery as the original Bond, the almost campy sensibilities of the early movies make them tedious to watch today - the dialogue, much of which sounds like it was written by guys who put together the Letters to Playboy, and the low budget action sequences with fight scenes that seemingly presaged those used in the "Batman" televisions series. The Bond movies with Craig are a completely different genre having more in common, thankfully, with the Bourne films than any of the predecessors.

Then there's Pussy Galore, Plenty O'Toole, Chew Mee and Holly Goodhead. Subtle.

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Ah, how contemporary! But then there would not be a bond girl. Gotta have a bond girl. I know, so evil. Dang.

Imagine a sexy bond girl walking onto the beach ala Halle Berry in her stylish 'burkini". Oh baby!

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