Danny Elfman writes a solo album with 'venom' pouring out


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Awesome 3D sculpture & album cover image in the accompanying photos!

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Oingo Boingo was my favorite growing up - saw them live a few times. Danny Elfman is a creative genius. Too bad he's so tortured. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HZftIZtU5mU

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Have to admit, at first glance, he looks like a grown-up “Ron Weasley” in the lead photo. But @7:41am, a sincere question: “Why even post here in “Entertainment”, everyday, if You, allegedly, don’t know the “who ????” and “what ????” Perhaps reading the articles the writers take time to write may help answer these repetitive, perhaps often insincere questions.

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Considering his style in music, he is a perfect match for Japan. One of his earlier songs...


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I don't like Oingo Boingo, never ever did. Only their songs 'Dead Man's Party' and maybe 'Weird Science' caught on to me but the rest is just insipid rubbish. Still, this new CD sounds like it might be worth listening to and very interesting.

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It is easy to bash "old white men" while ignoring the fact that despotic power hungry cretins are found in all races and genders.

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This is great news! It's amazing how the creative spirit can flourish even during such a tumultuous time. I for one, am very excited to hear the new album. I loved some of the Oingo Boingo songs, and all of the Nightmare Before Christmas songs. I'm really looking forward to it! What a great article to come across.

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In my opinion, the first Oingo Boingo album, Only A Lad, is an absolute masterpiece. Still fresh-sounding today in spite of being from the synth-heavy early 80s, it's jam-packed with alienation and the Outsider's rage against society's "Like-Sub-Follow" conformity. All delivered smilingly tongue-in-cheek by the apt-named, fiery-haired Elf-Man.

The lyrics to the song "Capitalism" from that album simply have to be some of the greatest ever written. sigh.

What would Halloween night in the 80s and early 90s be without a three-hour Oingo concert? lol. An So-Cal staple years before the saccharine-sweet No Doubt swindled Oingo's swinging horns and ska-beats for marketing to the Cookie-Cut Masses...

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Who? Well, let's hope that if you are a ' real ' expat sent here due to some skill you have, it is a smidgen deeper than your knowledge of soundtracks. Alongside Hans Zimmer, Danny elfman is one of the most influential, prolific composers in contemporary cinema.

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Seems a lot of people have had one of his tunes bouncing between their ears without knowing it.

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Not entirely correct @6:15pm:

*- “Seems a lot of people have had one of his tunes bouncing between their ears without knowing it.” -*

It appears ‘only 1 of 10 here’ claimed they weren’t aware of Mr. Elfman and his many accomplishments:

- expat 11:18am: “Who?”

Best wishes to Danny Elfman in his continued endeavors.

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Oingo Boingo was a great band back in the day in LA, they were an underground band that became a cult classic band, multi-racial, multi-instrumental, some of their classics, Only a lad, Just another day and Flesh and Blood, hypnotic, and comical lyrics, and complexed layered musical arrangments, Danny Elfman with his distinct voice and great onstage performance incorporating artful dead symbols gave a somewhat dark mystique humorful presence. A definite true talent back in the day where people took music more seriously, you just can't find unique bands like Boingo anymore.

Nowadays it's all about who looks the best, dance the best, No attention to the writing of the lyrical part, just music that some songwriters will put together the hottest looking band they don't have to do anything, don't have to worry about musical instruments except memorizing their lyrics and you're good to go

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