Daryl Hall suing John Oates over plan to sell stake in joint venture


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Why does America have to complicate everything?!

It used to be about the music, man!

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Daryl Hall has sued his longtime music partner John Oates, arguing that his plan to sell off his share of a joint venture would violate the terms of a business agreement the Hall & Oates duo had forged.

Somebody is out of touch, hopefully they are not out of time.

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Oats wants to sell, but Hall can't go for that.

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Daryle not wing much of a family man. Maybe his bark is much worse than his bite.

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They probably used private eyes.

What a sad breakdown in communication between friends and co-creators.

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So one of them wants to a maneater about it all. Is Aimee Oates a rich girl or does she want more? This ridiculous business crap isn't making many people's dreams come true.

I saw this duo before the lockdown, they're the most successful male duo in history. Another male duo, Tears For Fears was the opening act BTW.

I can't go for this. Can't believe that after over 50 years it would come down to this. No can do.

A possession obsession. How did relations get so bad to result in this? An article in Rolling Stone states: 'Sixteen years after Daryl Hall sold "significant interest" of duo's music to publishing firm Primary Wave, he's trying to prevent longtime partner John Oates from doing the same'. And Wikipedia has mentioned that at least one of their band members has quit earlier this year. And Daryl said in an interview, 'Things have changed'.

Where is the M-E-T-H-O-D O-F (brotherly) L-O-V-E in this? Some things are better left unsaid.

ISome people are feeling just like dying because something beautiful is dying. It's very sad to see a rock act that enriched so many lives while I was growing up end on such a sour and sickening note.

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Putting aside all the lame Hall and Oates dry jokes, they are still a force to be reckoned with. For over 50 years since the late 60's these guys have written some of the most iconic music around, these guys were always on point, with fantastic arrangements and catchy rhythms, for one thing, and let us be clear about this, Hall was pretty much the brains and captain of the duo, Oats is rhythmically the genius background, singing these songs in the car is one thing, but when you play their music, it is a whole new ballpark, we used to do a few cover songs from them back in my HS days and for me "Method of Modern Love, Private Eyes, I can't go for that" was always a fun but challenging songs to play.

Both are talented men. Whatever the reason is, it must be a valid one if Hall felt that he needed to get a restraining order, something like that just doesn't come lightly or loosely, some thought went into this. Sad that this had to happen, but there have been other groups that went through hard times and decided to work things out. Hope they can, these guys knew and played with each other before I was born, so with that kind of a long and memorable history, hopefully, they can put their differences aside and focus on what made them great.

That would make my dreams come true.

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