David Bowie's handwritten 'Starman' lyrics sell for over £200,000


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What religion was Bowie?

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£200,000? What a bargain! It’ll go for much more than that in the future.

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£200,000? What a bargain!

Yes, only 206,000 USD on Tuesday.

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stormcrowSep. 28  09:03 am JST

£200,000? What a bargain! It’ll go for much more than that in the future.

It's a sure bet that it will. Bowie's influence in rock'n'roll music, culture, sound and vision, etc. was tremendous. He predicted the future of rock'n'roll, he created the future of rock'n'roll, he was the future of rock'n'roll. He invented the and influenced so much of the stuff I grew up with and continued to this day: glam, punk, new wave, pub rock, heavy metal, alternative, grunge, synth-rock, so much more. He and Roxy Music and a few other glamsters BUILT the 80s, 90s and beyond.

The singer, born David Jones, died aged 69 in New York in 2016.

That was such a horrible day. Two weeks before the influential innovative Motorhead (who invented thrash) split immediately following the death of singer/bassist/writer Lemmy. A few months later it was Prince. The Grim Reaper took many big names that ugly year, including American democracy.

That's why when I found out that Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music was coming to my town, I raced like hell to get tickets! I'm glad I got to see that super-trooper. I've also seen some other ones on my 'bucket list' from 2017 - pandemic and I'm glad i did. Some of them I'll never to see ever again.

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