David Bowie painting bought for $4 sold at auction for nearly $90,000


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Rest In Peace, David Bowie. You are missed by many. - A true visionary that’s influenced many aspects and changed many perceptions of music, art, fashion, love …and life.

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While music is entirely subjective, I consider him to have been the single greatest popular music artist ever to come from the UK.

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There is this saying:one man trash is another man's treasure.

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Like a portrait in flesh.

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If it wasn’t David Bowie, it would still be 4 dollars

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I recently went through my vinyl collect here in Japan and I have more Bowie than anything else. Which surprised me. RIP!

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snowymountainhellToday  06:50 am JST

Rest In Peace, David Bowie. You are missed by many. - A true visionary that’s influenced many aspects and changed many perceptions of music, art, fashion, love …and life.

Many other rock'n'rollers have painted as well. Ric Ocasek of the Cars, Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones (some were in display in my home town back in 1984), and John Mellencamp's paintings have been critically acclaimed. Some of his artwork was compiled for the cover of his 2007 CD release. I've seen some of his works at the Indianopolis Hard Rock Cafe.

And Bowie was a true giant. Two weeks before, Motorhead (they invented speed metal/thrash) split up immediately after the death of its singer/bassist/writer. Three months later Prince died. Three giants.

Since I never got to see Bowie or Prince, when another giant - Bryan Ferry came to my hometown, I made damn sure that I didn't miss it.

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Major Tom approves of this.

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And dont forget there will be around 22% comission to be added to the hammer price for the auction house fees, either way $4 bucks was a good investment. well done to you Sir/Madam you have a keen eye for a bargain.

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The paintings - the game of Rich people. Isn't he also one of the 80s colorful celebrity who supported LGBTQ through his fashion?

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If it were sold in terms of time, it would have cost an eternity.

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Great singer, but bad painter..

I am reminded of this joke by Tommy Cooper:

I inherited a painting and a violin which turned out to be a Rembrandt and a Stradivarius. Unfortunately, Rembrandt made lousy violins and Stradivarius was a terrible painter.

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And me!

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Too bad Dave never visited a doctor and said "Doc, it hurts when I paint like this."

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Thanks @zichi 2:20p for the Pinterest link. Nice to compare to some of Bowie’s other paintings.

It’s all subjective; for the viewers, and definitely, for the artist. Therefore, can’t agree 100% with your @1:32pm:

- “It's not a very good painting” -

In one’s humble opinion, even if it was just a ‘color study’, there’s a certain ‘haunting‘ beauty, to this one.

Perhaps it’s either nostalgia or, like you also said:

“ We don't know Bowie's intent.” -

And that, will always remain a mystery, as enigmatic as the man himself could be, at times.

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Awesome sentiment @Laguna 3:46pm:

“If it were sold in terms of “time”, it would have cost an “eternity”. -

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EvilBuddhaJune 26  02:22 pm JST

Major Tom approves of this.

And so does Ziggy Stardust. Ziggy play guitar.

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