David Lynch says he won't direct 'Twin Peaks' sequel


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I'm hoping this is a kind of negotiating ploy or a momentary throwing up of the hands. I'd still be interested in watching new Twin Peaks even if David Lynch isn't as involved as we might have hoped. I'm just that obsessed with the show and its characters and giving it a proper conclusion. A few years ago a couple of comic book creators floated an idea for a "season 3" comic which, if Lynch had signed off on it, I would have devoured.

From what I understand there are scripts ready to go, which I will assume Lynch had a major hand in, so it's not as if his vision for the new series will be completely missing. The poorer episodes of the original were completely sans Lynch to their detriment and when he refocused on it the show managed an incredible uptick in quality despite having shed way too many viewers in the interim.

Still, while I'm onboard as a potential viewer, I recognize "Lynchian" isn't the same as Lynch, and would much prefer to have him directing it.

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No reason to watch if Lynch is not involved. Showtime blew it.

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No Lynch, no Twin Peaks.

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They should force Lynch to do it by floating the rumor that Justin Beiber is being considered for the director's position.

Twink Peaks

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Hire John Waters and call it Twit Freaks!

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Twin peaks with out David Lynch is like a donut without a hole.

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