Harry Potter theme park to open in Tokyo in 2023


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Maybe coronavirus will be under control by then.

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All the people I know say that they should have just renovated Toshimaen, it's a great place. Been there myself many times with my kids.

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British media is not so attractive to Asian tastes. Try LA and it might work. Good luck tho!

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I would like to go. Unless they require masks. If they require masks, it's just like them saying to me, "We don't want your business."

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Please note that the theme park is scheduled to open in 2023.

I bet they will be hoping more Harry Potter movies come out, and I'm sure in a few years they will. Sequel, Prequel, Spin off, Reboot..No doubt in my mind Warner Brothers will return to that cash cow in the not.

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will open in 2023 and close in 2025.

Harry Potter craze is over and for a dedicated theme park you need a long term hype( which is a contradiction in itself).

why do you think Disney does not concentrate on Mickey Mouse anymore.

Warner Brothers won’t mind. Most likely all the invest money comes from prefectural and local administrations and Warner gets paid even for IP, consulting and management. Good for them

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would love to see an anime that is Japanese made of harry potter and i think if they are planing to make this park it will be the best one in the world

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I was never a fan of the series.

But doesn't this seem to be happening about at least 15 years too late?

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@shogun36: No - It is still an immensely popular franchise - check the revenue figures for 2019 - by that, I mean the whole thing, The original books - The movies - The folllow on stories - The popularity of the rides at Universal Studios at all locations. Massive money spinner.

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From the description above it sounds more like a museum than an amusement park. It would be cool to have a Harry Potter ride like the one in USJ. Loads of fun.

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The Harry Potter craze is not over, the books were back on the U.K. best seller list recently, the Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios in Osaka gets more visitors than Tokyo Disneyland, the Studio tour in the U.K. is booked a year in advance. It’s merchandising has made JK Rowling one of the richest women in the world.

It always amuses me that the U.K. tour has the word London in it’s name when it’s not in London. It’s near Watford, in Hertfordshire.

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