Dean Stockwell of 'Quantum Leap,' 'Blue Velvet' dies at 85


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He was a fabulous actor, absolutely amazing in Blue Velvet.

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I enjoyed his work on Quantum Leap. He will be missed.

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Also so good in Paris, Texas. RIP.

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Luddite 07:04 am JST

He was a fabulous actor, absolutely amazing in Blue Velvet.

This is it


A fantastic actor. RIP.

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Rest In Peace” and “Thank You”, Dean Stockwell. Your presence and performance in all these works made them all the more memorable.

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Dr. Yueh was not “evil”. - Dean Stockwell’s portrayal of extorted traitor Dr. Yueh in 1984’s Dune appeared all the more tragic when learning the fate of his kidnapped wife. David Lynch’s Dune (1984) is worth the watch !

SPOILERS!: It was Dr. Yueh that eventually gave House Atreides a chance of survival by passing the signet ring amongst the stillsuits left for Paul & Jessica.

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I never missed an episode as a kid watching Quantum Leap. Whenever Al appeared after Sam looks at himself in the mirror wondering what the heck he was doing here, it always brightened the show and he was hilarious. RIP

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The white Dr. Yueh in David Lynch's "Dune"! I will always remember Dean Stockwell in David Lynch's "Blue Velvet" and from "Battlestar Galactica", one of my favorite sci-fi series. Haven't seen "Paris, Texas" but will make an effort to watch it this weekend. RIP Mr. Stockwell. You will be missed.

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Well said,snowymountainhell.

Another badly researched article.

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He was a great actor. I think he was also in the 1984 movie Dune.

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