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Deep Purple co-founder Jon Lord dies at 71


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One of the most important musicians of all time - a phenomenal talent; composer, and performer. I had the pleasure of seeing Deep Purple in concert on several occasions in the 80s, 90s, and just a few years ago. This is an immeasurable loss to the world of rock music.

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Great musician and great band. Went to several DP concerts.

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Good memories of DP from the 70s and recall being blown away seeing them live on stage back in the day, Smoke on the Water and My Woman from Tokyo were very good songs, RIP Jon Lord.

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Jon Lord throws those solos at us like no other. Thanks for the memories. The real stars of Deep Purple are Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Paice, though. Ritchie's guitar riff is excellent, and his solos are miles beyond his riff. The man can really play guitar, and does not get the respect he deserves. Ian Paice gives us a great performance himself. His drums are rockin' and just great.

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Deep Purple were very good, however once they morphed into Blackmores Rainbow they became very hard to listen to,

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Ah, man... the human condition can be seriously depressing at times. RIP, Mr. Lord. You were a creator, and deserve the utmost respect.

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From what I've read in all the remembrances by people who worked with him over the years, he was universally beloved. If you're on Facebook, look up Steve Morse to read a particularly eloquent and touching eulogy.

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R.I.P. Highway Star.

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My first real foray into rock was with Deep Purple, and I became a real fan. My sympathies to his family.

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Deep Purple were very good, however once they morphed into Blackmores Rainbow they became very hard to listen to

There was no morphing, other than Blackmore, the original Rainbow contained no Purple members. A little research goes a long way...

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For as long as people listen to R&R we'll hear his Most Delicious Hammond B 3 hammering out those riffs! R.I.P. Jon Lord !

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