Del Toro gets Hollywood star, urges immigrants to reject fear


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He should do a surreal movie about the surreal experience of trekking thousands of kiliometres for the forlorn hope of crossing the border.

Or the surreal societies that these migrants leave behind.

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Nobody inside the USA should have fear of physical harm regardless of their residency status or citizenship.

Everyone in the USA should demand the end to violence directed at any group living there.

Nobody should be afraid to shop at freakin' Walmart.

Something modeled after MADD, which was successful in changing how America looked at drunk driving.

All Lives Matter, Period - ALMP.

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This guys movies are over-hyped crap.

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The Shape of Water? Forgettable.

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He is now known as one of the "three amigos" of Mexican film along with fellow Oscar-winning directors Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu ("Birdman," "The Revenant") and Alfonso Cuaron ("Gravity").

I’d rather watch Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Martin Short over and over than any of these movies again.

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This guys movies are over-hyped crap.

Pan's Labyrinth is a magnificent study on the terrors of the Spanish Civil War. I highly recommend it to people who like film and always complain about recycling/rebooting etc.

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I’d rather watch Chevy Chase, Steve Martin and Martin Short over and over than any of these movies again.

Great in their day but haven't had any decent films for over 20 years.

I'm guessing no fans of the exceptional and beautiful Roma here, either?

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You guessed right.

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Such a shame people will deliberately miss out on pictures because of their politics.

Can't stand the politics of Clint, Russell, Malkovich etc but it won't stop me from watching their films.

Any Julio Medem fans here? He's from Europe, btw. There's a magical quality to his films that might beguile one, given a chance.

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