Demi Lovato says 2018 overdose led to three strokes and heart attack

By Jill Serjeant

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Stupid acts lead to stupid deaths, almost in this case..

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This is why child-actors should have very involved and loving parents who set boundaries. Sadly, she is exhibit #4328.

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Point is: She’s trying to do something ‘positive’ now. Give the girl ‘a break’.

With concert halls and movie theaters closed, celebrities are turning to YouTube to keep their art thriving. No harm in that. Hopefully, they’ll create something new and leave the ‘politics’ out of it

@rcch: Don’t sweat it. Same trolls pictured above ‘stalking’ from section to section, creating “gas chambers” before they run away. Cowards, afraid of women like Ms. Lovato. They can’t make a valid point and thrive on their own negativity.

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The pressure that those kids have to grow up under its no wonder they look for a release. Its good that she has turned it around and it doing something positive.

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so what

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Any one of us who is older and has not only experienced the same thing (to a degree) but also seen friends or co-workers tragically end their lives in futility can understand. Those who criticize without knowing first-hand what their problems are, well...go to h*ll. I volunteer helping people with substance abuse, as it's known today, and it's freaking awful. But it's necessary to do it. At least if you're human.

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I think people looking from the outside at this recovering addict and alcoholic do not realize that it may have started as some thing perfectly innocent. A puff here, a snort there, a pill here or there. At a party and then became routine. Then became the noose around her neck. I can completely relate, for myself being successful in the late 1980's I got addicted to cocaine powder than was taught how to free base it. I would drink and go out and promise myself, Not to buy.

But I would always end up coping the drug to get high. I tried pain pills and could see how one can become addicted to that drug of choice so fast. What 25 years of sobriety has taught me is that its a spiritual sickness.

A disease. A means to escape and feel good. The drink and drug of choice becomes like your lover/ your wife. The work the mission everyday becomes to keep buying the drug day in day out. You just die inside and hope you going to get high soon or are getting high. But there is a better way to live. And really the only thing that works is a 12 step program. A sponsor. Meetings. Service work. And sheer will. The amount of time sober means nothing. All you (we) have is today. I commend her for openly speaking about her demons. Someone in pain and suffering may see her YouTube and hear her story her and relate to her story and reach out for help to someone.

Easy does it.

Addicts and alcoholics die, plain and simple.

There is a better way to live.

One day at a time.

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I agree with much of what Slickdrifter said( mostly the latter 2/3s), except for "perfectly innocent. A puff here, a snort there, a pill here or there. At a party....".

No, not "perfectly innocent" to start willingly taking ILLEGAL drugs, not as a teen nor at any age.

But absolutely it's ONE DAY AT A TIME.

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