Dench says she 'can't approve' of cutting Spacey from Hollywood film


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She has a point. Are we going to go through old films and remove actors who were racists? We have the technology. Obviously Spacey isn't going to be doing much acting anymore, but I don't see the point of erasing the work he has already done.

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If he chooses to never work again, I understand and accept it if he admits to conducting himself inappropriately professionally or personally by abusing his position of power over others.

But unless he’s convicted of a crime I don’t agree with erasing him from any work he’s completed.

Worse men (convicted killers) are forever immortalized on film, in music, and in other forms of art.

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What Judi Dench's comments remind us of is the complexity of human nature, that no-one is all bad, or all good for that matter. Spacey was obviously a great friend to Ms Dench after her husband died and that's as important a part of his character as anything else.

It's tricky, though. Kevin Spacey is/was a great actor - are we supposed to erase his fabulous performance in a great movie like American Beauty from our collective memories? On the other hand, if one of my favourite actors was outed as a raging fascist/racist, I've got to admit I'd find it hard to watch that person again.

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I hated him in his character in House of Cards, that's how good he is as an actor. I hope to see him in more projects.

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Ugh, Anthony Rapp was talentless and forgotten and was looking for attention. Its a shame it had to come to this.

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Should never have been cut. Its ludicrous. But that's the American left for you. Insane in the membrane.

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Anthony Rapp was talentless and forgotten

"Was"? He's a main character in Star Trek Discovery, which is still a going concern.

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Matt, Agreed!

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I admire Mr. Spacey's acting accomplishments. If he wants it, he should get a hearing concerning the allegations against him. If he does not request an investigation and a hearing, it makes him look guilty. Perhaps he knows what the outcome of an investigation would reveal.

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Much respect to her for speaking her mind andnot giving a damn about the nutty left - unlike so manyothers on the "entertainment" world who jump on whatever bandwagon is flavor of the month.

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Should never have been cut. Its ludicrous. But that's the American left for you. Insane in the membrane.

Perhaps you should read the Ridley Scott interview where he discusses why he made that decision.


I don't think he's much of a leftwinger, or any kind of hostage to leftwing interests, but he is an interesting interview subject: intelligent, very frank, and in some interviews at least, has quite a sense of humour.

You can be reasonably confident that when Scott says "You can’t condone that kind of behaviour in any shape or form", he's freely giving his own opinion, and means it. He sounds very unsympathetic to those who get caught. In reference to Weinstein: "There will still be a few more people out there gritting their teeth who are way overdue."

In another interview, BBC I think, he said that removing Spacey from the film was a business decision. It's a fair point, Scott, like Hitchcock, has spoken in interviews about the business side of filmmaking, and takes his responsibilities seriously, including to the people who finance his work and expect a return on their investment.

It seems perfectly reasonable to can an actor's performance before a film has been released if retaining it would present a serious threat to the success of the film. It's certainly happened before, and at least this was done on the initiative of the director, or with his agreement, rather than being one of those cases where the studio forces changes against the director's wishes. It's also not remotely the same as going back over released work and airbrushing out inconvenient scenes, actors, or content. That's what Dench is implying, but it's not what's happened here, and a director may make changes as they see fit right up to the release of a film. Dench as a stage actor should understand that; it's not seen as unacceptable to dump an actor before opening night if the situation calls for it, or to replace them mid-run.

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A great actor, no doubt about it.

The Usual Suspects, Seven, Swimming With Sharks, LA Confidential, American Beauty and of course, House of Cards. All essential Spacey films and shows.

But a decent human being? A trustworthy person?

That needs more investigating.

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The customary current confusion of reality and expression (I would like to say 'fiction', but the film is based on real events).

Spacey is quite charismatic and attention-grabbing in perfromance. I have seen only one interview, and he came across the same - that is the basis upon which people need to consider what it would be like with old Kev with the door closed.

Come to think of it, there is a measure of bad taste there - now!

In contrast, Travolta (clean) in the title role of 'Gotti', who was far from clean, but no problem (despite movie crashing). In this case maybe it would only be Travolta wanting to erase 'Gotti' from his resume. Or that from now he can give up any dreams of headlining productions again.

Money, marketing decision and investment return are primary.

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