On 2nd day in UK court, Depp accuses Amber Heard of 'hoax' abuse claims


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This story would make a good movie. They could play themselves in it.

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'Disco blood bath'? Man, this is going to be one crazy drama fershure!

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To put it mildly, neither of them are coming out of this looking well.

Car crash watching on the small screen

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Depp denies, his texts say different. I assume her evidence will follow the same pattern.

Depp has alcohol and drug dependency and is prone to violence. His text to Bettaney about Heard is very disturbing. Whatever the outcome of this trial, his reputation is in tatters.

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Used to like the guy, but like with a lot of these people they’ve become nothing but a pariah.

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She’s clearly just after money. She’s unstable and mentally ill. It’s all a show for her, go get em Johnny

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I think he is taking his role as Hunter Thompson a bit too seriously.

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At least one of them is crazy. Who knows, they could both be a bit mental.

I remember Depp from the first Elm Street movie. I always thought he and Ryder made a good couple - both with that Bohemian vibe.

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I've been in Japan since the 1970's common-law married 20 years with 3 kids for better or worse. Tokyo immigration asks why don't you legalize it? I say remember Brangelina and Johnnie Depp?

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