Despite divorce, Kim Kardashian says she is Kanye West's biggest fan


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Why is this news?

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*Perhaps “only” fan*?

*- “Despite divorce, Kim Kardashian says she is Kanye West's biggest fan” -*

(Didn’t go for ‘the lowest hanging fruit’ with “biggest”.)

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Are you not ‘entertained?” @Jsapc 9:57am:

- “Why is this news? -

*Maximus Decimus Meridius *-
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A “reality” tv fame (very bad word I can’t use here) who gained her fame via a sex tape that her mother definitely released on her behalf, who used to remember Paris Hilton’s feet, misses her multiple Grammy winning ex.

Could it be because she is a no-talent hack who’s whole origin story is based on a lie?

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Well, he did become a billionaire during their marriage by piggybacking off of her fame and working as team to promote each other, and he gave her a lot of beautiful children. I do not think she wants to get on the bad side of narcissist that is bipolar known for not taking his meds.

She has to maintain a decent relationship for the kids that are all still quite young. That includes feeding a narcissist.

Could it be because she is a no-talent hack who’s whole origin story is based on a lie?

Not a lie but a tape!

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Yes @GdTokyo, any passing interest in Paris’s ‘feats of skill’ have diminished, butt Kim’s mother flouted her assets and they’ve turned them into a billion dollar enterprise.

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Why is this news?

I suppose its big news in Japan because typically when Japanese couples get divorced, nothing but utter hatred and disgust is expected towards each other. It might even be more sensational to Japanese people that Kim and Kayne have agreed to co-parent their children, instead of the mother taking sole custody and Kayne having only monthly visits for a few hours.

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Kardashian, 40, was speaking on a reunion show for "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," which broadcast its final episode last week after 14 years on the air.

Well, the final didn't last that long if they've already had a reunion. I'm willing to bet they'll have another reunion again soon, and then start off another series. Narcissists and money-grabbing attention-seeking ego-maniacs go crazy when they're out of the spotlight.

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I was under the impression that Kanye West is Kanye West’s biggest fan.

Maybe he allowed her equal top billing.

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Kim Kardashian said her ex-husband Kanye West is like family, despite their divorce, adding in a television show that aired on Thursday that she will always be his biggest fan.

This translates to: you and I will never have even a side hookup again. How did that song from Taylor Smith go again....

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We may never know* @bass4funk 9:18pm : *. . .

- “How did that song from Taylor Smith go again....[?]

. . . Kanye always had a way of ‘interrupting’ before anyone could finish:

- "If God ain't want me to run on stage and say Beyoncé had the best video, he wouldn't have sat me in the front row."

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One construct, a fake woman is the fan of a self-prmoting phony man. Flip the channel.

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