Despite hybrid release, 'Dune' draws well on the big screen


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Denis Villeneuve’s DUNE is showing the world how epics CAN be done!

- Every second,… every frame of footage is entirely seamless and realistic.

- Well done and looking forward to Part II.

- “Green light” it by buying tickets for the cinema experience! -

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DUNE is well worth the watch! Forget ‘streaming’ this film at home. Well worth the ticket price Go see it ‘in person’ on a HUGE screen.

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*DUNE*s casting, storyline and acting are perfectly on target for the characters and motivations they depict: *Men are acting like men and women acting like women. *There are no “MarySue’s”

- SPOILERS! follow: . Rebecca Ferguson embodies a graceful femininity & intelligence for her character counterbalancing fear for her family with believable sudden bursts of speed and fierce strength in some scenes, when it’s necessary. In any scene he’s in, Jason Momoa commands the audience’s attention.

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I wouldn't say casting is perfectly on target. For a start, in the novel Paul is a 15 year old during the period this film covers. There's been at least one gender change that I can see in this first of what may turn out to be a number of films. Effects were pretty good. Parts of the film are great but I just couldn't wrap my head around the gender changed Kynes character and the obvious huge age difference between the Paul in the novel and the Paul in the movie. Still it did at least spark me to commence reading it again oh so many years after the last time I read it. I'd forgotten how easy to read Herberts style of writing was to me.

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Bradley - I didn't get the feel that movie Paul's age difference to the book Paul was huge.

I thought he seemed like a 17 - 18 year old. When discussing with my wife after - she knew nothing of the story before - assumed he was a teenager.

A good fit I thought.

And Kyne becoming the mother rather than the father of Charni is neither here nor there for me. A very minor adaptation to introduce a different character. Doesn't detract at all.

And I do recommend that people should watch on the Big Screen. The atmospherics, the booming score, the slow-build tension are really brought out on the large format.

I'm waiting for Part 2.

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Reviews are good for the movie and apparently the studio had the good sense to leave leftist woke nonsense out of it.

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Reviews are good for the movie and apparently the studio had the good sense to leave leftist woke nonsense out of it.

This woke thing sends the right into hysterics.

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