Dick Clark Productions rejects Mariah Carey's sabotage claim


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Live with it, and please choose a healthy lifestyle by staying thin and trim and not gaining so much weight in the thighs and buutox. Botox in the butt is not becoming and very unhealthy.

She has a lot of influence on young people and should promote a healthy lifestyle. Great voice too.

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I recall she was supposed to make an appearance at Universal Studios on a day I happened to be there. Lots of people so we got there 30 minutes early. Then waited for about 20 minutes after her scheduled appearance time but no Mariah. We gave up. So it would be easy to disparage her as a diva. Still, I doubt she intentionally put on a bad performance on live national television. She clearly says she can't hear, and asks for the monitors to be turned on, and says something about not doing a sound check. Then the next song, they use a vocal track, and she is forced to half-heatedly lip sync.

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Hey, Mariah, want some cheese with that wine ?

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She choked... and she wasn't eatin' no mochi. Naomi Watanabe did a better job on "Kōhaku"... looked better too!

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Perhaps indeed she couldn't hear. Perhaps also she shouldn't have sent a stand-in for the rehearsal and laid off the sauce until after the work was done.

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Whine, of course ! Can't even dis somebody right !

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...never saw any real talent there to begin with.

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She never apologized for her actions. She posted an obscene, flippant remark about it on Twitter, as if people should just get over it because she can do whatever she wants.

People should deflate her ego by stop buying her music and going to her concerts. But, rude ignorant people seem to be in style now in the US, judging by the popularity of reality shows and obnoxious YouTube "stars."

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Certainly not a DIVA. Diva status implies and is awarded for talent. Talent of unusual "good" qualities. But a non discriminating audience gets what they really want.

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People should deflate her ego by stop buying her music and going to her concerts. But, rude ignorant people seem to be in style now in the US, judging by the popularity of reality shows and obnoxious YouTube "stars."

And president-elects.

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The woman is a mess, personally and professionally.

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It's purile to think any and every topic is a chance for people to show their political views. Clinton lost -- shut up and get over it.

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OK folks, as someone who is knowledgeable (former sound tech, live and studio) here goes: First time out, and maybe a couple of other times, experienced established signers and groups usually don't show up for the sound checks. For one thing, they've already put a lot of time in rehearsals already (there's the blocking one's where everyone is practicing the moves in the space, or an exact replica, so that they don't need to pay attention to where the edges, steps, bodies, instruments, speakers, cables, and anything else to do with the performance space are) They don't even show up for most of the lighting set up and technical rehearsals which is why stand in work is a common sideline for non star actors/singers/dancers. They don't need to, and their schedules are pretty full already (even if you're not writing your own material, planning out your next show, there's meetings with publicists, costume designers, physiotherapy, exercise, meetings with whoever is designing your next show, meetings with your scheduler, meetings with your business manager, meetings with your agents, interviews, charity coordinator, accountant, and, on good days, your family, and, if you're really lucky, a friend) and after a time or two, they trust that the other professionals (sound, lighting, stage, director, producer, publicist) will do their jobs without supervision. A diva would NOT have stepped on stage with a non-functioning ear piece, what makes a diva a diva is their complete blindness to everything other than a best performance, so that not going on on time and creating chaos and headaches for the technicians, stage manager, stage hands, producers, other acts, and the audience is the act of a diva. Going on, relying on the professionalism of others to find a way to work around the issue, that's the hallmark of a professional. Knowing that one can turn in an OK performance even if you get a bar or two out of synch with a purely instrumental backing track on a song like Old Lang Syn, but there is no chance of doing so if you're not dead on the beat with an instrumental and backing vocal track of a fast pop song is the hallmark of an experienced professional. Trying to find a way to get something resembling a performance by throwing it to the audience and, when that fails, at least striking the most dramatic and photogenic pose of the piece, and hoping to either match, or not clash, with the backing track on the big hook, that is the hallmark of a dedicated professional trying to salvage something for the fans in attendance. PS, every award show, guest starring event, almost every studio album and video involves singing to a prerecorded backing track of instruments and vocals. and ISN'T lip synching. If she'd been lip synching, you would have heard her part coming through the speakers right in time with the music and the backing singers.

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The Russians did it.

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more like Pariah Carey nowadays ....

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its time to RETIRE!

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FizzBit: The Russians did it.


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A demi-diva at most.

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Her time came and went. Time to go the way of Ashley Simpson.

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...must be a liberal. Something goes wrong, the truth is exposed, find someone else to blame.

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