Director M Night Shyamalan merges past storylines in new movie 'Glass'


M Night Shyamalan, the director known for his film-ending twists, brought his latest offering to London this week, comic book thriller "Glass" - a tale merging two of his previous movies.

Starring Bruce Willis, Samuel L Jackson and James McAvoy,"Glass" blends storylines from Shyamalan's "Unbreakable", which came out in 2000 and 2016's "Split".

"There's a sense of reflecting a lot ... that these characters ... are in one movie," Shyamalan, also known for "The Sixth Sense" and "Signs", said at the film's London premiere. "It was almost like I didn't want to make it for 15 years and then started to open my mind up to 'hey, you know, let's go back to those characters and finish telling those stories.'"

Willis and Jackson, who both starred in "Unbreakable" - about a train crash survivor who discovers he has a new superpower - were joined at the screening by McAvoy, who played Kevin Wendell Crumb, a man with multiple identities, in "Split".

In the new film, Willis reprises his role as security guard David Dunn as he chases one of Crumb's frightful personalities. Jackson returns as the fragile Elijah Price, also known as Mr Glass.

"I always thought Elijah was unfinished business," Jackson said. "Night promised that it was part of a trilogy ... so, this is closure."

McAvoy revisits his role as well as his character's multiple personalities. "I love acting so getting to do more of it is not a bad thing," the Scottish actor said.

"Playing one character in a movie can be tricky. You've got to do a lot of preparation, doing that 20 times ... it was like cramming for an exam that you forgot was coming."

"Glass" also stars Anya Taylor-Joy, whose character Casey was kidnapped along with two classmates by Crumb in "Split", as well as "American Horror Story" actress Sarah Paulson, who plays a psychiatrist treating the three main characters.

"I didn't read the script before I said 'yes' because I was so desperate to work with Night," she said.

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Unbreakable is one of the best "superhero" films out there. It's a great spin on the usual formula and probably Shyamalan's best movie to date. Split, in comparison, is not a huge deviation from the usual slasher/psycho flick but on the plus side, James McAvoy is brilliant. If you enjoy his performance in this, check out the lesser known Filth. Another brilliant role.

Hoping Glass can do the first film justice. We'll see.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

I'll watch it, hope its entertaining at least.

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Unbreakable is an acquired taste - it's quite deliberate

I won't recommend it to those without the necessary attention span

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Unbreakable is one of the best "superhero" films out there. 

I feel the same way. Looking forward to this one though I started to have a Shyamalan doubt after wasting my money on The Happening.

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‘Unbreakable’ was the only time that I have walked out of a cinema......

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