Director of new Godzilla film pursuing 'Japanese spirituality' of 1954 original


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“Star Wars,” the franchise created by George Lucas and another science-fiction favorite, evokes so many Asian themes that make him the perfect director for a sequel, Yamazaki said.

He probably could looking at some of the recent output.

That helped inspire the last Japanese Godzilla, the 2016 “Shin Godzilla,” directed by Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi. Toho studios hadn’t made a Godzilla film since 2004.

Shin Godzilla is classic addition and subversion of the canon and Anno needs to make a follow-up.

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The "spirituality" of the original has been interpreted in many ways: one is a subversive anti-nuclear/anti-Americah foreign cultural influence invading the Land of Wa message. The people of Yamato are saved by Japanese ingenuity and personal self-sacrifice aka "kamikaze spirit" as the quietly resurrected military (JSDF) steps into the picture to help save the country from the first of the terrifying monsters which would in future come to threaten Japan. Kind of tacky stuff - maybe the Japanese had better just stick with Buddhism.

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Too much interpretation. Originates from film critics who put food on their table by making up things to write. It's just a monster movie FFS.

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I was hoping for a sequel to Shin Godzilla as it ends on a cliffhanger. I also thought the sub theme allegory of the gov’t’s incompetent response to Fukushima was unique for a Japanese film. It was a fresh perspective and even Godzilla himself was different. Not your usual Godzilla film.

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"Spirituality?" Not sure about all that but what he means to say is he wants to differentiate his remake of a tired and overused story from all the ones done by foreigners. He's Japanese and only one of them can feel and understand that "spirituality."

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Ah yes, the creativity of the movie industry with yet another remake.

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This is why Japanese movies have fallen to pretty much the worst in the developed world -- no originality, no story, poor casting, poor budget, etc. I'm sure we won't even be hearing about this movie within a month.

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The first Godzilla movie was a lot of fun. So were some of the other films that followed. I hope this film is half as good. Godzilla is a unique Japanese creation and a good one. I know there will be a more "realistic" Godzilla and that the special effects will be modern and more realistic but the fun of the Godzilla franchise is an important element in the earlier films. I hope this movie captures some of that.

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What does Godzilla have to say about all the nuclear waste being dumped near Fukushima? I’m coming back!

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The original: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0047034/

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Small tiny head on top of big thrusty body with lightning tail ?

Better there should be "Godzilla Vs. Sadako"

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