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Director Shinkai overwhelmed by success of 'your name.'

By Fiachra Gibbons

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Tokyo’s hyper modern megapolis


the beauty of age-old Japanese traditions

Groan again.

Can we have a new theme for a new year? This contrast is stale now.

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I admire his modesty and yes, sudden, intense fame is very overwhelming. I'm glad he recognizes it.

I still haven't seen the movie yet.

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Could someone tell me why this movie is popular?

I haven't seen it but just reading about it... it seems boring and unoriginal.

Body swap? We've seen that in countless movies before... nothing original there.

Comet about to strike? That's all been done before... ad nauseum.

Is it the amazingly original idea to combine a body swap and a comet strike that is appealing to so many people?

TBH I find a lot of the stories in Japanese movies/anime/TV/etc. to be so ridiculously contrived and with such ridiculously impossible plot twists or coincidences that I quickly lose interest.

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Simple answer watch it and decide for yourself.

The posters here don't know you nor your likes. Stop being lazy looking for answers online.

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The thing I dislike about films is that if you are dissatisfied you cannot get a refund like most products. So, I sympathise, Choiwaru. If you go and it's rubbish you just have to suck it.

I think you have to take account of the fact that there are kids born every minute who grow up with very little context for anything at all, Choiwaru. They know nothing partly as a consequence of being young but partly because ideas come round rather slowly in these days of late capitalism - and most of those are recycled ideas. What is deadly clichéd for you and me sounds like an amazing idea for them. And turning good things into cliché is what Japan does well.

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Films are like anything you take your chances.

Truly enjoyed some that were derided and fell asleep during some blockbusters and still do.

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Stop being lazy looking for answers online.

What are you talking about? It took me ages to type that post... huge effort...

Well, if anyone has seen it I'd be interested to hear their comments...

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Short answer.

We can't make your mind up, the final decision is still yours

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There was a body swap TV show when I was in junior high in the early 90s (I can't remember the name now) between a girl and boy (both maybe high school students). The one interesting thing is who the boy comes to realize the second class treatment of girl (at least at that time). Of course like this movie, there was the learning about how to use the other sex's body, and that was much more explicit because those days were much less modest than now.

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We can't make your mind up, the final decision is still yours


And to think... I had no idea.

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Still up to you.Personally waiting for it to show on the telly as I do with most movies.

No DVD/BD nor game station here. If it Shows and I am still interested bonus.

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If you go and it's rubbish you just have to suck it.

Just spoke to a young Japanese person... he said it was boring as hell... doesn't know why it's popular. Maybe it's more popular for females.

There was a body swap TV show when I was in junior high in the early 90s

Right... it's a hackneyed old storyline... has this movie added something to this old genre...?!

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The Body swap theme been done many times before but this movie seems to have gotten it right based on current sales figures.

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Dumps on a movie they haven't seen, because they figure they won't like it.

Seems legit.

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It was a masterpiece, and I can only hope that though he deserves this honour he does not give up to fleeting fame and continues doing his work proudly.

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1) As others have remarked, it's a fine "date movie" - that really helps. Sorry, Sensei - you cannot stand in the way of all those folks who need a nice movie for their date. They aren't obsessing, their interest is transactional and fleeting, so its fine for more folks to see it. It doesn't have to be dead nuts perfect in every way.

2) It is visually impressive. Shinkai has a thing for using gorgeous sky-scapes and somewhat idealised landscape vistas as transition shots. 3) Google Shinkai, Youtube, CM, Cross Road and for gawd sakes AVOID the EN dub for a taste

Lets see if links are excised from comments https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfbNS_GKhPw

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It's just hype. Body swapping isn't my cup of tea but I did watch his other movies. Love the gorgeous visual but his stories left a lot to be desired. I can't say they're memorable.

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Shinkai always ends the same way

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Super excited for this, great director

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