Director Takashi Miike to get Rome film award


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In the old days, they used to call people like this mentally ill. Now they are hailed as creative mavericks.

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A lot of creative people are mentally ill by normal standards. It's not a case of ill or creative, but ill and creative.

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Ichi the Killer is so over the top it's difficult to take this movie serious or as an offense. Sure, there's violence against women in the movie but there's just as much violence against men in it. And Kakihara is the best dressed Yak ever. I found Audition far more disturbing than Ichi. Then again, some of Miike's movies are really only downright disgusting without a trace of artistry.

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The Mole Song [Mogura no Uta] was so well made and entertaining! Very manga-like. I really like Miike's manga adaptations, he's one of the very few directors who can adapt a comic without betraying the original like others do. Looking forward for his next bloody and crazy flick!

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@lucabrasi... there is indeed a very fine line between the mad and creative. It seems to be as thin as expression.

Miike's work has open me to stylized Directors, and the likes of Asano Tadanobu, splendid Actors. I'm geared toward suspenseful and dramatic 'gangster' movies, but ever thankful to Mr. Takashi for the initiation. Congratulations!

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I think of Miike as kind of a Howard Stern of film.

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@JTDanMan... this is crazy!... I think of Howard as kind of a Takashi Miike of radio!!

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Miike Takahsahi movies are all over the place, he has some jewels in there and a lot of low budget over the top violent movies. Audition a great movie, other movies of him you watch to the end and go "Eeeeh?! "

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